#PopOcculture: Oh SNAP!, Ships, Satire and more

Judge Orders SNAP to turn over 20+ years of records to Catholic Church*

Kansas City Judge Orders SNAP to turn over 20-plus years of records to Catholic Church

Cruise Ship Let Castaways Die*
Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial Begins in Chicago*
Questions about the Royal Family UK*
Germany to reprint Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ for first time in nearly 70 years*
Prophets, Not Profits*
Meet The Four Amish Women Added To That Federal Hair-Cutting Indictment*
Beelzebub’s Daughter*
British soccer sensation is a rural Texas boy who looks to Heaven after each goal he scores*
Ryan defends budget in face of Catholic critics*
#Audio #Satire: Pope Lays Off 20 Cardinals*
#Audio #Satire: Vatican Tightens Nocturnal Emissions Standards*
#Audio #Satire: Reverend Blessed With Nine-Inch Penis*
Updates: Thousands defy Norway mass killer Breivik in song*
Norwegians heckle mass killer Anders Breivik with Pete Seeger children’s song*
Video: Thousands Sing Peace Song Children Of The Rainbow To Defy Killer Anders Breivik*
Video: Thousand sing Breivik song Children of the Rainbow Oslo Norway*

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