#PopOcculture: Sikh, Psyops, Shooters and more

#TwilightLanguage: Wisconsin Sikh Shooting*

#TwilightLanguage: Wisconsin Sikh Shooting

Dark Knight’s Sikh Link*
Sikh Shooter ID’ed*
Who Was Wade Michael Page?*
‘9/11’ tattoo skinhead responsible for massacre in Wisconsin*
Before he shot up the Sikh Temple, Wade Michael Page was an army psyops specialist*
Wisconsin Killer Fed and Was Fueled by Hate-Driven Music*
White Supremacists Reflect on the Sikh Temple Massacre*
A cultural history of neo-Nazi rock*
Ex-boss says Sikh temple gunman wanted to join Klan*
Baltimore music label that promoted temple gunman band removes music from website*
Video: Witnesses Say Multiple shooters at Sikh Temple*
German Olympic rower sent home due to Neo Nazi links*
Judge accused of creating ‘unusual shroud of secrecy’ in movie theater shooting case*
Reports: people jump to escape flames in Aurora apartment building*
Secret Boy Scout Predator Files Released*
Whatever happended to Tom Cruise’s first Scientology wife Mimi Rogers?*
@TheOnion Sparks Anger With Picture Of Plane Flying Into Willis Tower*
#Video #Satire: Sears Extremists Fly Plane Into Willis Tower*
#Audio #Satire: God Worried Apocalypse May Not Live Up To Expectations*

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