#PopOcculture: Sphere, Psychics, Satanic Snakes and more

Twilight Language: Tulsa Terror and the Name Game*
Twilight Language: Tulsa Terror and the Name GameTulsa police searched for suspected lone gunman*
Video: 2 Suspects Arrested in Oklahoma Shooting*
Colorado human-trafficking case nets 8-year jail term*
Murphy Ranch: Los Angeles’ Secret Nazi Compound*
Anders Breivik ‘is not criminally insane’*
China’s ousted party leader wife a murder suspect*
Pitt Is Rattled by Series of Campus Bomb Threats*
Navy jet crash a ‘Good Friday miracle,’ but how?*
Future Unclear For Sphere That Survived 9/11*
Widow with dementia gave $600K to Kabbalah*
DC Elite Spend Taxpayer Dollars on Psychic*
Streisand hired dog psychic after pooch mid-life crisis*
Fort Lauderdale psychic case ‘slipshod’, judge says*
Priest abuse trial set to resume in Philadelphia*
Suspect in alleged Satanic child abuse case faces more charges*
Devil-worshiping male escort killed man over $800*
Santa Muerte: Mexico’s Own Satanic Panic*
Church Pastor accused of Satanism and turning children into ‘snakes’*
Christians nailed to crosses in gruesome, Phillipino Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus’ death*
#Audio #Satire: Vatican Gives Popular Jesus Character Whole New Look*

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