#PopOcculture: Suicide, Survivalist, Sex and more

NFL Suicides: Junior Seau’s autopsy could reveal more*
Junior Seau's autopsy could reveal moreAthletes, Celebs React To Death Of Former NFL Linebacker Junior Seau by Suicide at 43*
Florida charges 13 in death of FAMU drum major*
Florida Charges 13 in College Hazing Death*
Saints suspended in NFL #BountyGate scandal*
Gemologist puts 5-0 mark on the line in Kentucky Derby*
American Psychologist Professor Zimbardo Says Breivik Is Evil*
Two Men Jailed for Setting Crude, Nightmarish Booby Traps Along a Hiking Trail*
Gilbert mass shooting: Horror in wake of vigilante’s final act*
Gunman kills four in Phoenix suburb, commits suicide*
Twilight Language: Neo-Nazi Kills 5*
MI6 Codebreaker Found Dead in Bag Was Likely Killed, Coroner Says; Mysterious death of MI6 spy grips Britain*
Survivalist Couldn’t Survive Murder/Suicide*
Body found in #Washington mountain bunker*
1 dead, 100 hurt in St. Louis tent collapse in violent storm*
Ex-poster child for missing kids sentenced for raping girl*
Missing Children and the Shadow Behind the Numbers*
Egypt’s “farewell intercourse” is “complete nonsense”*
Seattle Attorney Says US Sent Him On Time Travels*
JFK Doctors Are Dying*
Tom Cruise’s daughter moves in with Scientologist boyfriend*
New Jersey Mom Let 6yr-old use Tanning Bed; #Satire: Law Prohibits Nation’s Shawnas From Using Tanning Beds*
DEA forgets man in cell, drinks own urine to survive*
Video: Fmr sheriff serves 17 days in sex-for-meth conviction*

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