#PopOcculture: Summer Shooters, Safe States and more

Summer of the Gun: Empire State Building Shooting*
Two Dead in Shooting Near Empire State Building*
Bloomberg Admits, Some Of The Shooting Victims In NY, Were “Accidentally” Shot By The Police*
Eight hurt in Chicago drive-by shooting*
U. S. Marines Shot in Mexico City*
First Day of School: First School Shooting*
Update: Pathmark Shooting: Three Dead*
Norway killer sentenced to 21 years*
Sandusky ‘Victim 1’ sues Penn State: “purposeful, deliberate and shameful subordination”*
Illuminati Are Watching*
Hinckley’s Unpaid Lawyers Want Off Case:
Brother was to have dinner at Denver home of Neil Bush day after Reagan shooting
Isaac could strike New Orleans, one hurricane model predicts; Did Abraham tell him to do that?*
Bible game show, American Bible Challenge, aims for religious audience*
16 Amish Face Ohio Trial in Beard-Cutting Attacks*
Trial of Amish sect set to begin in Ohio*
British police call off search for supposed lion*
Bigfoot hoax ends badly: Montana jokester hit, killed by car*
Of Moon, Masons & Men: Neil Armstrong Dies*
Audio Satire: Lord Answers Bible-Camp Counselor’s Prayer For Safe And Enjoyable Hike*

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