#PopOcculture: #ThirtyThree, #Reagan’s Blood and More

#EtanPatz: 33yrs of Sorrow, Searching*
#EtanPatz: 33yrs of Sorrow, SearchingVideo: Possible Break in Etan Patz Case, Police Still Skeptical*
Arrest Imminent In Case of Long-Missing New York Boy*
Video Update: Man arrested in Etan Patz disappearance*
Update: NJ Man Charged With ‪Murder‬ of ‪#EtanPatz‬ exactly ‪#ThirtyThree‬ years ago, what are the ‪odds‬?*
Video Update: Bloomberg Says Man Implicates Self in Etan Patz Case*
Ted Bundy’s Lawyer Says Bundy Killed Over 100 Women – and One Man*
Auction claims to be selling vial of Reagan blood*
Video: Flap over Reagan blood vial up for auction*
Update: Auction of Ronald Reagan blood vial canceled*
Author claims huge coverup in Zodiac Killer investigation*
Fallen Televangelist Jim Bakker Now Hawking Apocalyptic Survivalist Gear*
The alternate worlds of John Travolta*
The many lives of John Travolta*
Sitcom star/Scientologist Danny Masterson doesn’t like Paul Haggis*
Bill Maher calls Mormonism a ‘cult’*
Philadelphia clergy abuse scandal grows*
Defense to start in Philly priest-abuse trial*
Video: Priest Removed From Ministry Due To Sex Abuse Allegations Now Works At PHL*
Scandal-hit Catholic order head admits covering up priest’s lovechild*
Satanism suspected at school, students torch teacher’s house*
Surveillance Video: Man Breaks Into WIBW-TV, Stabs 2*
Why is obscure Bible verse from Exodus trending on Twitter?*
Twilight Language: Eclipse Today = Earthquakes Tomorrow?*
Mysterious ‘Pulsating winged being’ on camera*

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