#PopOcculture: World Gone Wild

After Gory Incidents, Online ‘#Zombie’ Talk Grows*
After Gory Incidents, Online 'Zombie' Talk GrowsHardware chain adds ‘zombie defense’ section*
The Zombies of Summer: Instead of those hazy, lazy days, get ready for a season of screams*
Zombies are not a health problem (for us). Should they be a solution?*
#TwilightLanguage: Synchromystic Cannibals?*
Videos: ‘Bath Salts’ Blamed in Miami Cannibal Attack and LSD Blamed in Horrifying Face-Chewing Attack*
Chinese Cannibal Story Goes Unnoticed*
Japan Arrests Sarin Attack Cult Member*
Canadian Cannibal Arrested In Germany*
Accused killer Luka Rocco Magnotta linked to far-right U.S. white supremacists*
Is Luka Magnotta, Canadian Porn Actor and Murder-Dismembering Suspect, a Scientologist?*
Arrest Made In Toronto Shooting*
Bike gunman shoots father, toddler in Los Angeles*
Mysterious Buddhist Retreat in the Desert Ends in a Grisly Death*
Did mad Manson order murder in London hotel? Seized tapes could solve 9 more killings*
Sect believes God wants their children to die – claims measles due to “’Satanic forces’*
Centennial UFOs turn out to be lanterns at rehearsal dinner for NBA player*
Video: Madonna Kicks Off ‘Girl Gone Wild’ World Tour In Israel*

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