portland police seek volunteers for topoff

topoff 4 is the largest terror drill in US history
& it’s centered on oregon
portland police seek volunteers for topofffrom indymedia: TOPOFF 4 (T4) is a federal exercise scheduled for October 15-19 involving local, state, and federal top officials to test decision making and communications, address policy, and conduct an emergency mobilization. This is the fourth exercise held by the Department of Homeland Security.

The City of Portland is recruiting volunteers for two activities during T4. Approximately 600 volunteers are needed to participate in a large scale disaster scenario at Portland International Raceway (PIR) on Tuesday, October 16 to play different roles as disaster victims. The FBI will be conducting background checks on volunteers who are positioned at the large scale event.

There are opportunities to volunteer at other sites that do not require a background check. Individuals interested in participating can find out more specifics by contacting June Vining at 503-823-3937 or jvining@fire.ci.portland.or.us or you may reach her by cell phone at 971-563-9641.

On October 17, East Precinct is hosting a TOPOFF 4 shelter-in-place exercise from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There is a need for about five to seven volunteers who are interested in participating. Volunteers will be asked to act as victims who must shelter in one place simulating what to do when you must stay at one location during a disaster. Interested parties may contact Marsha Palmer at 503-823-0264 or marsha.palmer@portlandpolice.org.

T4 is the largest exercise in the history of the United States. Oregon is the primary venue site, but T4 is also taking place concurrently in Guam and Arizona in an interrelated exercise. Approximately 175 separate agencies will participate in the Oregon exercise and approximately 5000 players will participate in the Oregon exercise. Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom will participate in the Oregon Exercise and approximately 35 countries will send delegations to Portland to observe the exercise.

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