Programmed to Kill Video Series

David McGowan reveals in sensational book, Progammed to Kill:  The Politics of Serial Murder,” much of what’s attributed to serial killers, serves as cover for satanic cult activity.  Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas had only death sentence commuted by then Texas governor George W Bush.  Florida governor and Bush brother Jeb did same for Lucas partner Otis Toole.  These acts of clemency granted both Lucas and Toole speaks volumes about who runs our country and allows everyone to see Bushes for what they are!  You Tube summary informs 34 videos in Programmed to Kill  series, “… information comes directly from the book: Programmed To Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder by author David McGowan.”  Lucas quote reveals crux of the matter:  “No one wants to believe the cult story. The TV people cut it out. The writers don’t write about it.”  It’s simply the case, there’s a prohibition on reporting satanic cult activity!

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