psu class in top 10 ‘most dangerous’ courses

psu class in top 10 'most dangerous' coursesfrom kgw: A conservative think tank has listed a Portland State University class as among America’s most dangerous college courses.

PSU Adjunct Professor Rick Rolf and his students will simultaneously celebrate and denounce the selection of his course, “Truth, Lies, Politics and Policy” by the Family Security Matters organization as one of “America’s Top Ten Most Dangerous College Courses,” Rolf said Tuesday.

He learned of his course’s selection from a student e-mail and at first thought it was a joke.

“On a whim I Googled the list and couldn’t believe my eyes. We were ranked the ‘6th Most Dangerous Course in America,'” he said.

group labels psu class dangerous, anti-american
group labels psu class dangerous, anti-americanfrom katu: A Portland State University professor is fighting back after a national conservative group has labeled a politics class he teaches as the “sixth-most dangerous” taught in America.

The group, Family Security Matters, says the class “Truth, Lies, Politics and Policy” is full of anti-American rhetoric.

Prof. Rick Rolf called the charges laughable and dangerous.

“I think this mean-spirited sort of action is exactly what they’re trying to do is to muzzle people and to shut them down,” he told KATU.

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    Hooray For the riff raff!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Naturally, a “progressive” organization tracks him down and holds him up as a shining example to the unwashed masses. I have the funny feeling they don’t much care whether the charge is true so long as they can pretend it’s absurd.

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