#PumpUpThaVolume: Episode014 – The Keepers

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Episode014 - The Keepers

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on @PumpUpThaVolume: Episode014 – The Keepers was recorded live on RevereRadio.net and features brand new #SongOfTheDay sounds from King Tuff, Regina Spektor, Fletcher C. Johnson, Santigold, Black Lips, Daredevil Christopher Wright, Daughn Gibson, Lemonade, Rhett Miller, Claire De Lune and Anthony Valadez… because it can’t be news and politics all the time!

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Notes from @TheUdog: Australia is now only two days away from being the first country in the world to introduce a mandatory carbon tax, the biggest change to the country’s tax system since 1999. What does this mean, well that is for another show! Of course Obamacare is the other big news for the week, so I guess Miami chose a bad time to win the championship. We have a short and sweet show this week, so sit back, take a short break from the geopolitiks and news of the badlands and enjoy the best of what KEXP, KCRW and MPR’s The Current have to offer – from Regina Spektor to Santigold, Rhett Miller to Black Lips and more!

King Tuff
“Bad Thing”
‘King Tuff’
Sub Pop
Note: Kyle Thomas (aka King Tuff) lists on their myspace page that their only influence is “sex”, although I wonder if he is taking it seriously? Making a crossover from ‘freak folk’ to a more mainstream sound, Thomas is associated with the likes of Seth Bogart (The Hunx) who even goes as far as to list Thomas as his best friend. Martin Douglas (of Pitchfork) lists “Bad Thing” as the highlight of the album.
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Regina Spektor
“Patron Saint”
‘What We Saw from The Cheap Seats’
Note: With the Sire Records publicity machine in full swing, Spektor has had recent performances on The Colbert Report, Late Show with David Letterman, a Vh1 performance and a Live on YouTube performance, what needs to be said? Well perhaps, whilst not as famous as Katy Perry or Rihanna, Spektor’s greatest advantage is that she is genuinely involved in the creative process of her work, and represents the minority of artists who are able to break through without selling out completely, and that in my mind is commendable!
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Flecther C. Johnson
“Messin’ Up My Mind”
‘White Iris Presents EP’
Note: Sign these guys! Not a joke if you are in a position to do it, then call them and make an album! A Trio from Brooklyn, they have a terrific artistry to them, relishing the opportunity to exploit ‘album art’ as concept art! Everybody Taste has suggested that they are wonderful purveyors of pop-punk and garage rock.
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“The Keepers”
‘Master of My Make-Believe’
Note: On a personal note, Santigold definitely has a track on the soundtrack of my life ñ with “You’ll Find A Way” playing a crucial role in the timing of my biggest film to date. That was then, and Master of My Make-Believe is now, and features a different producer/production team for each track. “The Keepers” is the 9th track on the record and was written by Santigold, John Hill and Greg Kurstin, Greg Kurstin is listed as the producer.
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Black Lips
“Dance With You”
‘Sick of You EP’
Vice Records
Note: This may be our first b-side on @PumpUpThaVolume, considering the concept of a b-side went out of vogue when the CD arrived. However, given the resurgence of the vinyl, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t our last b-side. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, the group has been described as psychedelic rock/garage punk and have been rocking venues since 1999!
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The Daredevil Christopher Wright
‘The Nature Of Things’
File Under: Music
Note: According to stereopirate.com “Divorce” is an “obvious step-forward for a band who has managed to amaze me with everyone song they craft. Vying for a sound that could be performed the same in both a bedroom listening session as well as live and in concert, The Daredevil Christopher Wright have managed to perfectly-balance the fine line between both distinct types of sounds.”
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Daughn Gibson
“Looking Back on 99”
‘All Hell’
White Denim
Note: This is Gibson’s debut album and it’s been described as a combination between country and dub-step. Kosta Lucas has described this as “an opus of cracked balladry where each song is a musical spectre that is anchored by Gibson’s deep crown and his simple elegies.”
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True Panther Sounds
Note: Members Callan Clendenin, Ben Steidel and Alex Pasternak were booked for their first live gig just two weeks after forming, have previously written no material. Ian Cohen says “Tropical percussion and sleek synth pads lend “Neptune” an expensive-sound yet fragile feel of a Wham! ballad, but the sound here is very much in 2012.”
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Rhett Miller
“Out of Love”
‘The Dreamer’
Maximum Sunshine Records
Note: Releasing his first album in 1989 (‘Mythologies’) Stewart ‘Rhett’ Ransom Miller II has been a staple of the alternative country scene for more two decades. In 2009 he signed with Shout! Factory and has Rhett Miller and in 2011 he released The Interpreter: Live at Largo with Maximum Sunshine Records. You can follow him on Twitter @RhettMiller
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Claire De Lune
“Save The Day” (w/ MaLLy and TruthBeTold)
Album: New Lion EP
Note: “Claire de Lune grew up in New York City, grew up some more in Minneapolis, and lived in Austin somewhere in the middle. Her style reflects that vagabond past—an open-minded acceptance of the cosmopolitan sexiness of R&B, the dusty roots of indie, and the propulsive energy of hip-hop.”
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Anthony Valadez
“Asleep” (w/ Anna Wise of Sonnymoon)
Just Visiting
Plug Research
Note: Anthony Valadez has a show on KCRW but let us not immediately assume ‘insider trading. He purchased his first set of turntables with money he earned working a summer job at a public pool in Sylmar. Even since, he has kept his eye on the prize and focused on conquering the Southern California music scene. He is known to have often purchased record covers based solely off the cover art alone. “Asleep” is the first.
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