#PumpUpThaVolume: Episode015 – Keep It For Your Own

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Episode015 - Keep It For Your Own

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on @PumpUpThaVolume: Episode015 – Keep It For Your Own was recorded live on RevereRadio.net and features brand new #SongOfTheDay sounds from Jaymes McFarland, Rosanne Cash, The Young, Alt-J, POP ETC, Liars, Belleruche, Magic Trick, Everest, Laetitia Sadier, Bonde Do Role, Erik Blood, Nallo, The Bamboos and Fly Moon Royalty… because it can’t be news and politics all the time!

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Notes from @TheUdog: Is President Obama the latest to cover Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe“? Well, maybe not… What is for sure is that @PumpUpThaVolume is here with another week’s worth of fresh music – kicking it off with “Two More Minutes” by Jaymes McFarland and featuring Rosanne Cash, Liars, Everest and more… cause it can’t be news and politics all the time, even if they do have the “God Particle”!

Jaymes McFarland
“Two More Minutes”
self-released, 2012
Note: Jaymes McFarland has used the power of the internet to generate publicity and notoriety and has released 12 original tracks on YouTube. “Two More Minutes” has been the stand-out track and recent spins on Seattle radio generated positive responses and more live shows from McFarland. Perhaps not surprisingly, this smooth composition even inspired a marriage proposal for Jaymes – but it may surprise you to know that it came from fellow singer/songwriter, Jayme Dee!
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Rosanne Cash
“Sister Oh Sister” (w/ Rodney Crowell and Mary Karr)
Vanguard, 2012
Note: Rosanne Cash, daughter of The Man In Black, returns to the scene performing a song from a collaborative work by Rodney Crowell and Mary Karr called ‘Kin’. The album features an all-star cast of performers including Norah Jones, Vince Gill, Kris Kristofferson and more.
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The Young
“Don’t Hustle for Love”
‘Dub Egg’
Matador, 2012
Note: ‘Dub Egg’ is an album that was recorded in a cabin by a lake in one week! Or more accurately, the main tracking was recorded at the isolated Creekside Cabin in Vanderpool, Texas. The Young, who are currently embarking on a major, international summer tour, formed in 2005 around Hans Zimmerman – not to be confused with film score composer Hans Zimmer!
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‘An Awesome Wave’
Canvasback, 2012
Note: According to Caroline Sullivan of the Guardian, Alt-J were practically unknown as recently as a month ago. But now the Cambridge, UK quartet has already achieved top 20 status with their debut album!
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“Keep It For Your Own”
Rough Trade, 2012
Note: Essentially, ‘POP ETC’ is the self-titled third full-length from the artists formerly known as The Morning Benders. “Keep It For Your Own” is the first single from the album, available on vinyl through Rough Trade.
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MUTE, 2012
Note: Spelled ‘WIXIW’ but pronounced ‘Wish You’, Angus Andrews explains that “wish you’ is a “familiar and universal sentiment of longing and hope, but when misspelled it becomes uniquely shrouded and difficult to interpret.” In many ways, that’s representative of our music and the songs we wrote for this album. This is the sixth full-length release from the Brooklyn trio called Liars and “Octagon” is the second track.
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Tru Thoughts, 2012
Note: Forth album for the London Trio, Kathrin DeBoer (Vocals), Rick Fabulous (Guitars) and DJ Modest (Turntables) on Tru Thoughts. Other than a unique name and instrument combination, Belleruche’s highlights also include having their 2008 single “Northern Girls” used in Mercedes-Benz’s 125th anniversary commercial in the UK. Combining a very modern aesthetic with classic songwriting ability, the album is a collision of haunting vocals, analogue sounds and bleeding-edge electronic production.
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Magic Trick
“I Say Your Name”
‘Ruler of the Night’
Hardly Art, 2012
Note: The editors at Amazon have put it this way, imagine Kate Bush working with Harry Nilsson and you’d get close to Magic Trick. It’s not a Solo or Side Project, but like many of our bands (Diamond Rugs, for example) it’s a ‘super group’, of sorts. Alicia Vanden Heuvel from Aisler’s Set, Noelle Cahill and James Kim have contributed to Tim Cohen’s [of The Fresh and Onlys] creation. Best yet, this is the sophomore album for this group. Martin Douglas from Pitchfork offers the criticism that the lyrics are too easy to forget. “I Say Your Name” is the final track on the album, ‘Ruler of the Night’.
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“Into the Grey”
ATO/RCA, 2012
Note: Guitarist Joel Graves describes the group’s new album as a “hopeful love letter slipper under the door.” The SoCal band enlisted Richard Swift (who has recently worked with The Mynabirds) to produce and perform on their latest album, ‘Ownerless’. A good ‘ol blast of American rock, the album was initially recorded live in a smoky clubhouse in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Rob Schnapf also participated in the production.
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Laetitia Sadier
“There Is A Price To Pay For Freedom (And It Isn’t Security)”
Drag City, 2012
Note: The second song from ‘Silencio’ to make it to our show is perfect for the Fourth of July – the day we tweeted this song out! The Stereolab front-woman will tour the United States this fall in support of her second solo album.
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Bonde do Rolê
“Bang” (w/ Das Racist)
Domino, 2012
Note: Bonde do Rolê, a Brazilian trio, have just released their second album, ‘Tropical/Bacanal’ on the always-impressive Domino Records. Co-producer Diplo says “they have left the gimmick of funk behind to work on a mélange of all styles of Brazilian modern music and turned it on its head.”
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Erik Blood
“Today’s Lover”
‘Touch Screens’
self-released, 2012
Note: ‘Touch Screens’ is the third release from Erik Blood, the self-described “Producer/ Musician/ Fag”. Blood has worked on a range projects, including a collaboration with American Idol’s Amy Davis and the soundtrack to Steven Richter’s film, “Center of Gravity.” Blood has gone with a series of provocative images as album art, which may cause some offense…
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‘Mechano and the Trees’
self-released, 2012
Note: Nallo is Minneapolis quartet whose sound is “warm and ramshackle”, “playful and irreverent”. Their latest album, ‘Mechano and the Trees’, has been slowly doled out track-by-track but will see a proper release soon – it’ll even be put out on cassette!
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The Bamboos
“Medicine Man”
‘Medicine Man’
Tru Thoughts, 2012
Note: Our second song from the Tru Thoughts label this episode is the title track from an Australian funk band’s fifth studio album. Perhaps the biggest selling point for The Bamboos ‘Medicine Man’ is that it features guest vocalists like Aloe Blacc, Daniel Merriweather, Tim Rogers of You Am I and many more. There’s something very captivating about the cover art and the band is currently on tour around the great land down under.
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Fly Moon Royalty
“The Birthday Song”
‘Dimensions EP’
Sportn’ Life, 2012
Note: Vocalist and fast-talker Adra Boo and DJ Action Jackson are the duo that make up Fly Moon Royalty. Formerly known as Sugar Water Purple, the group took a new name and a new direction under the guidance of DeVon Manier. They have been compared to Gnarls Barkley, Janelle Monae and The Gossip, another duo.
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