#PumpUpThaVolume: Episode016 – Speed Of Sound

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Episode016 - Speed Of Sound

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on @PumpUpThaVolume! Episode016 – Speed Of Sound is an epic episode, pre-recorded from the home studios of MediaMonarchy.com and featuring brand new #SongOfTheDay sounds from Twin Shadow, Melody Gardot, Shadows On Stars, Gold Motel, Infantree, Exitmusic, Dirty Projectors, Sean Rowe, Turing Machine, Communist Daughter, Jazzanova, All Eyes, Jimmy Cliff, Joy Wants Eternity, John Maus, Pop Etc, Yeasayer, Deep Time, Peaking Lights, Soul Asylum, The Archives, Liars, Family Of The Year, Hacienda, Niki & The Dove, CLAPS, Jesse Harris and St. Paul de Vence… because it can’t be news and politics all the time!

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♬Liner Notes♬ for Episode016 – Speed Of Sound

Twin Shadow
“Five Seconds”
4AD, 2012
Note: If you have a few minutes to see what is capable from a graphical point of view, study the website for Twin Shadow. Twin Shadow is the stage name of George Lewis Jr. who worked on producing this album with Michael H. Brauer. ‘Confess’ follows up from 2010 release ‘Forget’ and is the sophomore album.
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Melody Gardot
“If I Tell You I Love You”
‘The Absence’
Verve, 2012
Note: ‘The Absence’ is the third album record from Gardot and was produced by Heitor Pereira, who ‘cut his teeth’ working on films such as ‘Despicable Me, ‘It’s Complicated’ and ‘From Prada to Nada’. Melody Gardot is a Brazilian-born US based artist who has combined Western Pop, Jazz, Blues and Soul.
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Shadows on Stars
“When It Builds”
‘Shadow on Stars’
Crooked Engine, 2012
Note: PDX’s own! The group formed as a result of some auditory match-making by producer Brian Vincent, who sensed a slew of similarity between his own work, and that of vocalist Randa Leigh. The self-titled album is available to stream from their website and is the first full-length release. Although no tour dates have been set as of writing this [21 July 2012], it is highly anticipated that the duo will tour the Pacific Northwest.
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Gold Motel
“Cold Shoulders”
‘Gold Motel’
Good as Gold, 2012
Note: Greta Morgan is, in this case, the occupant of Gold Hotel. Moving to Cali from Chicago for inspiration, she was introduced to the Southern California music scene where the dedicated are said to see up to five or even six concerts a week! ‘Gold Motel’ is the sophomore album, ending a hiatus and follows the 2010 release of ‘Summer House’.
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“Skinny Bones Jones”
‘Hero’s Dose’
Vapor, 2012
Note: The band, who has just spent a month touring the Pacific Northwest, may be enjoying some respite “sitting on the couch watching X-Files” but their moody tunes and three part harmonies have caught the ears of the selectors of KCRW as well as those at the Examiner. We at PUTV wish this young band well on their journey.
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Secretly Canadian, 2012
Note: New York City duo Aleksa Palladine and Devon Church started writing several years ago, but the band started to take shape only after moving to LA. This is the duo’s debut full-length release, although Palladine and Church have been musicians individually for a long time prior. After getting married in 2009, they moved back east and developed a new recording technique, as well as expanding to a four piece. The band has stated that ‘Passage’ is “falling into something that you know won’t end well, like a moth to the flame, there’s an undeniable pull that lets you know you’re alive.”
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Dirty Projectors
“Gun Has No Trigger”
‘Swing Lo Magellan’
Domino, 2012
Note: ‘Swing Lo Magellan’ is the 6th studio album for Dirty Projectors. Dave Longstreth has led Nat Baldwin and Brian McOmber in what has been seen as an atypically simplistic arrangement in tracks such as “Gun Has No Trigger.”
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Sean Rowe
“Joe’s Cult”
‘The Salesman and the Shark’
ANTI, 2012
Note: KCRW has stated that “Joe’s Cult” features percussive guitar and an upbeat pace in comparison to an album that has taken full advantage of Rowe’s “golden baritone” voice to cast a hypnotic spell with beautiful and soulful lyrics. Having already been compared to the likes of Van Morrison [specifically the ‘Astral Weeks’ phase] and praised for his lyrical abstractions, there has been genuine anticipation for the release of the sophomore album, ‘The Salesman and the Shark.’
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Turing Machine
“Lazy Afternoon”
‘What Is The Meaning Of What’
Temporary Residence, 2012
Note: With word on the street being that this is possibly the final album for the group, who tragically lost their drummer Jerry Fuchs in 2009, the math-rock/dance group was aided by Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem as well as other members of the DFA roster. This album showcases Fuchs percussion work.
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Communist Daughter
“Speed Of Sound (EP Remix)”
‘Lions & Lambs EP’
Grain Belt, 2012
Note: Having been played on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ would have no doubt raised the profile of not only this song but the band, who have been described as a “hidden gem.”
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“I Human”
‘Funkhaus Studio Sessions’
Sonar Kollektiv, 2012
Note: Jazzanova is a five-piece Berlin group who have been DJ-ing and composing music for fifteen years. Arguably one their biggest advantages is owning the studio and label, but this responsibility has also pushed the group to find and exceed their own limitations and that of the genre. The song “I Human” features the work of Paul Randolph who co-wrote and sings on the track.
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All Eyes
“All I Want”
‘Shelf Life’
self-released, 2012
Note: All Eyes is a Minneapolis band featuring Alicia Wiley, Jake Hanson, Luke Anderson and Joseph Christenson.
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Jimmy Cliff
“One More”
UMe, 2012
Note: Jimmy Cliff is a household name and reggae legend. So much has already been said and shared, yet his latest album is the first in seven years and was produced by punk icon Tim Armstrong. If you haven’t seen it – go and Netflix “The Harder They Come”!
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Joy Wants Eternity
“The Fog Is Rising”
‘The Fog Is Rising’
self-released, 2012
Note: ‘The Fog Is Rising’ is the sophomore album from the five-piece who formed almost a decade ago in a basement. The Seattle band recently participated in the ‘Shattered Sessions’, which is now available on YouTube.
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John Maus
“No Title (Molly)”
‘A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unheard Material’
Domino, 2012
Note: A philosophy professor from Minnesota, Maus has been known to play keyboard with Panda Bear and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. This work is said to be reminiscent of Ian Curtis, at least from a technical point of view.
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Pop Etc
“New Life”
‘Pop Etc’
Rough Trade, 2012
Note: This is the second time in as many shows that the boys from Pop Etc have featured on PUTV! “New Life” is the first track off the album and perhaps represents the ‘chi’ the band found after the name change.
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‘Fragrant World’
Secretly Canadian, 2012
Note: Chris Keating sings in a hurried whisper on “Henrietta”, which marks the first release for the group since 2011. ‘Fragrant World’ won’t be released until 20 August, but the band are already well into its supporting tour. There’s sure to be further touring and releases during the album cycle, given that the group has managed to anchor their trademark psychedelia with a steady beat and heavy groove.
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Deep Time
‘Deep Time’
Hardly Art, 2012
Note: Due to legal issues, Deep Time is a new name (formerly Yellow Fever) but the distinctive sound that their fans have come to recognise has remained the same. The duo, comprised of Adam Jones and Jennifer Moore who have found a unique way to play their instruments so that they two can combine an organ, keyboard, piano and guitar. Amazon editorial team suggests that it’s a like a blanket for the mind and soul.
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Peaking Lights
“Live Long”
Mexican Summer, 2012
Note: (#TwilightLanguage: Peaking in the Mexican Summer with Lucifer?) The title of the West Coast dub band’s third album comes from the notion that these tracks represent a nocturnal version of their sound. The duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis have suggested that new dimensions were realised when producing this album, significantly the couple’s first son was born in this period. The word was recorded in Brooklyn at Gary’s electric studio and was completed in one month.
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Soul Asylum
‘Delayed Reaction’
429 Records, 2012
Note: This is the 10th studio album (first on 429 Records) and ends a 6 year hiatus for Soul Asylum. The band configuration currently sees Dave Pirner on lead vocals and guitar, Dan Murphy on guitar and vocals, Tommy Stinson on bass and Michael Bland on drums and percussion. This album was produced by John Fields.
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The Archives
“Ghetto Gone Uptown”
ESL, 2012
Note: The debut album for The Archives is immersed in Jamaican music, swaying from roots to dancehall and rocksteady. The band spent two years refining their skills during a residency at the DC Club Patty Boom Boom. Bandmember Monk has said “We’re a 21st century band with really deep roots and we want to contribute to reggae’s evolution. Same tree, new leaves.”
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“No. 1 Against The Rush”
Mute, 2012
Note: We spoke last week of the range and depth of artistic license that has been exercised on WIXIW aka ‘Wish You’. But when you’re hot, you’re hot, so Liars are being featured for a second show in a row! “No. 1 Against The Rush” is perhaps one of the best points of entry for new listeners to the group’s eclectic sound and it’s led by bleeping, programmed synth patter and Andrew’s brooding growl.
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Family Of The Year
‘Loma Vista’
Shock/Nettwerk, 2012
Note: Formed in Los Angeles in 2009 around Welsh brothers Joseph and Sebastian Keefe, Family Of The Year has been described as employing a heady mix of male/female harmonies and reminiscent of the Beach boys. ‘Loma Vista’ is the sophomore album and features the singles “Diversity” and “Stairs”.
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“Let Me Go”
Collective Sounds, 2012
Note: Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, this third album is said to capture the mood of the first album whilst learning from the lessons of the second. There is a feeling among critics that this album was deliberately presented to be “front-loaded” with their strongest work, reminiscent of a tape.
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Niki And The Dove
“The Gentle Roar”
Sub Pop, 2012
Note: This Nordic Duo combines danceable beat and arctic textures that is reminiscent of the likes of Lykke Li and The Knife. Whilst exploring the space available to musicians that is ‘audio,’ Niki And The Dove have managed to incorporated visual stimulation for much of their music.
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“Simplicity’s Key”
‘Glory, Glory’
Moon Glyph, 2012
Note: The Twin Cities-based Reviler writes about a hometown band: “It has been fun watching the Claps evolve over the course of their multiple releases, from the doctrine new wave CR-R’s from Guilt Ridden Pop, which were good but were not setting the world on fire, to their more consistent 2011 debut LP Wreck. The step they made on the full-length was astounding, with the album being downright commanding and really introducing the band to the local scene.”
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Jesse Harris
“It’s Been Going Around”
‘Sub Rosa’
Dangerbird, 2012
Note: Jesse Harris is best known for writing “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones. Much of the work for this album was recorded between November 2011 and March 2012 and included a series of extended trips to Rio De Janerio, at a recording house built into an old house in the city’s Baixo Gavea section. Amazon editorial stuff suggest that the album has “striking the perfect balance between the spontaneity of live sessions and high fidelity and the craft of great songs…”
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St. Paul de Vence
“Pink Wine”
‘St Paul de Vence’
self-released, 2012
Note: St. Paul de Vence features Alex Malloy, Benjamin Doerr, and Justin Froese and formed, like many of the bands we feature, as a side project. The chorus for “Pink Wine” features the accordion and includes French lyrics to offset those of which are in English. The self titled debut album was apparently influenced heavily by WWII stories that Doerr’s grandfather had told.
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