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Episode043 - Borrowed Time

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on @PumpUpThaVolume! Episode043 – Borrowed Time was recorded at the home studios of MediaMonarchy.com and features brand new #SongOfTheDay sounds from Parquet Courts, IO Echo, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Dan Deacon, Dom La Nena, Super Hi-Fi, Indians, Pillowfight, Telekinesis, Nightlands, Matt Costa, Vince Watson, The Ericksons, Ra Ra Riot and The Redwood Plan… because it can’t be news and politics all the time!

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♬Liner Notes♬: Another week, another exciting batch of brand spankin’ new music from some of the best new bands around… This week we’ve got the full set of 15 songs featuring Matt Costa, Telekinesis, Indians, IO Echo and Sweet Billy Pilgrim plus return visits from Ra Ra Riot, Dan Deacon and more… So let’s get it on and Pump Up Tha Volume!

Parquet Courts
“Borrowed Time”
‘Light Up Gold’
What’s Your Rupture, 2013
Note: Consequence of Sound says “What starts off like a Dead Kennedys album on mescaline, ends like a warped Big Star 7″ single. That’s Parquet Courts for you: bratty, messy, loud, and full of heart. On their second full-length, Light Up Gold, Texas transplants Austin Brown and Andrew Savage discover America through the eyes of a beatnik slacker, who says shitty things…
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IO Echo
“Outsiders” (Slow Mix)
‘IO Echo’ EP
Note: “IO Echo has released a promising EP that has us even more excited for its forthcoming full length debut. The LA duo’s dreamy soundscapes have already caught the ears of Trent Reznor and No Doubt, who have invited them to open at recent shows.” Oh yeah, well I saw them open up for The Drums back in 2011!
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Sweet Billy Pilgrim
“Joyful Reunion”
‘Crown and Treaty’
Luxor Purchase, 2012
Note: Song source KEXP says “After being short-listed for the 2009 Mercury Prize following the release of their sophomore album, Twice Born Men, the London trio quit their day jobs, added a fourth member, started their own label, and got busy writing Crown and Treaty. The result, led brilliantly by frontman Tim Elsenburg and his beautifully quivering voice, reminiscent of a older, lower Will Sheff, is a headfirst tumble into heartfelt indie-rock… “Joyful Reunion,” a song about moving on and letting go, separation and acceptance, is apparently anything but.
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Dan Deacon
“Guilford Avenue Bridge” (Live at The Current)
Domino, 2012
Note: We last heard from Dan Deacon’s ‘America’ back on Episode022, but the former Seattleite is back for more! Song source The Current says “From acclaimed album America, Dan Deacon has released opening track “Guilford Avenue Bridge” as a digital single, recorded live at The Terrarium in Minneapolis for 89.3 The Current. Its accompanying video was shot over three months in 2012, and features the popular smartphone light app that he created for audiences to interact with during his live show.
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Dom La Nena
“Buenos Aires” (w/ Thiago Pethit)
Six Degrees, 2012
Note: Song source KCRW says “Brazilian artist Dom La Nena pleaded with her parents to let her move to Argentina at the tender age of 13 to study cello. Her fluid style lead to work with legendary artists Jeanne Moreau and Jane Birkin.
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Super Hi-Fi
“Q Street” (Subatomic Sound System Remix)
‘Dub to the Bone’
Electric Cowbell, 2012
Note: Song source KEXP says “Taken from their 2012 debut LP, Dub to the Bone, Super HiFi’s “Q Street,” a heady-but-reverent dub song in its original form, is no longer just a slithering low-end exercise when remixed by Subatomic Sound System. Instead, it’s sliced up and rearranged in bits and pieces that lock together to make a dub track that’s as agile as it is heavy.
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“I Am Haunted”
‘Somewhere Else’
4AD, 2013
Note: With a rather unfavorable review, Playback says “Life in the frostbitten burgs of Scandinavia clearly has a profound effect on its inhabitants’ tastes in electronic listening. Though the sunnier reaches of Western Europe play home to Spain’s adrenalized acid house and France’s thumping nu-disco, their kinsmen to the east favor a much more introverted approach.
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“Get Down”
Bulk, 2013
Note: Song source KCRW says “Gorillaz’ Dan the Automator and multi-instrumentalist Emily Wells team up for a ferocious new project called Pillowfight. It feels like a party when Kid Koala contributes on the 1’s and 2’s and graffiti artist David Choe handles the artwork. Today’s Top Tune, “Get Down,” from Pillowfight’s self-titled debut, features Lateef the Truthspeaker on vocals.
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“Ghosts and Creatures”
Merge, 2013
Note: So Much Silence says “Telekinesis remains a one-man studio venture. Lerner is returning with his third album, Dormarion, due for release on on Merge on April 2. As if to emphasize the efficiency of the operation, Lerner recorded the album in just two weeks, with Spoon drummer Jim Eno producing at Eno’s Public Hi-Fi studio in Austin, Texas.
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“So Far So Long”
‘Oak Island’
Secretly Canadian, 2013
Note: Pitchfork says that “Back in 2010, the War on Drugs’ Dave Hartley released his debut LP as Nightlands, Forget the Mantra. His hushed, sweeping chamber pop often sounded as if someone had held up a microphone to a campfire; on this first single from his sophomore effort, Oak Island, the vibe isn’t so much intimate as it is distant, with Hartley’s vocals cloaked in static as other voices join in harmonizing with him over a bed of twinkling guitar and dusty drum machine rhythms. Oak Island is out January 22 via Secretly Canadian.
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Matt Costa
‘Matt Costa’
Universal Republic, 2013
Note: Song source KCRW says “Singer/songwriter Matt Costa decided on a bigger, more mystic, sound for his new self-titled album, enlisting some of Scotland’s most illustrious musicians (including members of Belle & Sebastian) to bring it to life.” This is Matt’s fourth full-length and it’s out February 12th.
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Vince Watson
“Love in F Minor”
‘Every Soul Needs a Guide’
Everysoul, 2012
Note: Song source KEXP says “If you are into Detroit techno or similar sounds, chances are you’ve listened to Vince Watson a lot. He’s been around the block a couple times to say the least, releasing material on a variety of labels since 1995, including Carl Craig’s infamous Planet E. It’s a genre that paved the way for a new era of electronic music in the late 80s and throughout the 90s. Using elements of soul and jazz, Detroit house grooves are unmistakeable, and as a master of the craft (even thousands of miles away from the city), Watson is a quintessential name in the game.
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The Ericksons
“Gone Blind”
‘The Wild’
self-released, 2013
Note: Gimme Noise says this Minneapolis duo “cultivate a sound that is sparse and dark, a little Appalachian and a little bluegrass.” This is the lead cut from The Ericksons third full-length.
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Ra Ra Riot
“Is It Too Much”
‘Beta Love’
Barsuk, 2013
Note: We heard the title track from Ra Ra Riot’s new record back on Episode038 of PUTV and now they’re back with another track from their new record which garnered them a write up in the new issue of Wired Magazine and, on the other hand, a “Worst New Music” mention from Spin! Meanwhile, Red Eye Chicago says that “On their third album, “Beta Love,” members of Ra Ra Riot have finally begun to embrace their destiny as, if not always a synth pop band, at least players of a decent party playlist who dabble in synth pop. The band’s cellist has left, and with her some of its defining sound–in this case, arguably a good thing.
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The Redwood Plan
“Panic On”
‘Green Light Go’
Fish the Cat, 2013
Note: Song source KEXP says “When The Redwood Plan dropped their debut Racing Towards The Heartbreak back in 2010, it was a pleasant surprise for the Seattle scene… “Panic On” is anthem track we haven’t heard the likes of yet from The Redwood Plan. It kicks off with a big, fat synth lead before blazing into a double time dance-punk throwdown… Green Light Go is out next month.
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(Thanks again to @KEXP, @KCRW, @TheCurrent and you!)

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