#PumpUpThaVolume: Episode047 – We Real Cool ♬

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Episode047 - We Real Cool ♬

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on @PumpUpThaVolume! Episode047 – We Real Cool was recorded at the home studios of MediaMonarchy.com and features brand new #SongOfTheDay sounds from Mount Moriah, Johnny Marr, Wild Yaks, Jamie Lidell, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Your Youth, Indians, Speck Mountain, Beach Fossils, Atlas Genius, Jenn Grant, Gloss, Deer Tracks and Animals at Night… because it can’t be news and politics all the time!

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♬Liner Notes♬: Welcome back to another sweet slab of Brand new song of the day sounds from Johnny Marr, Nick Cave, Jamie Lidell, Indians, Atlas Genius and much more… Now let’s sit back, put our headphones on and Pump Up Tha Volume!

Mount Moriah
“Bright Light”
‘Miracle Temple’
Merge, 2013
Note: Pitchfork says “Mount Moriah are commonly identified as a collaboration between longtime friends/bandmates/business partners Heather McEntire and Jenks Miller, who have played in French pop band Un Deux Trois together, and run the indispensible Chapel Hill label Holidays for Quince. “Bright Light”, the second release from their upcoming sophomore full-length and Merge debut Miracle Temple, shows the duo in fine form.” BTW: I just scored a promo copy of their forthcoming full-length album.
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Johnny Marr
“The Right Thing Right”
‘The Messenger’
Sire, 2013
Note: The record label’s press blurb says “Johnny Marr, one of the most celebrated guitarists in the history of contemporary music, presents his debut solo album, The Messenger. The album features Marr front & center on vocals & guitar, & represents our first chance to capture Johnny Marr s musical vision exactly as he envisioned on the first true solo album of his career. The Messenger was written & produced by Marr himself. Best known for his work alongside Morrissey as the creative force behind The Smiths, Marr has continued his career as an official member or touring guitarist for a diverse array of acclaimed bands since.” Back in 2002, I got to see Johnny at the CMJ Music Marathon. He was only doing a Q&A at the conference, so I knew I had to go check it out. While waiting for the doors to open, I could see Les Claypool entering another hall for his Q&A! But I got in, sat in the front row, and was enraptured by Johnny. I didn’t ask him a question, but I immediately hopped up to get an autograph and he signed my program and said “Hope you weren’t bored!”
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Wild Yaks
‘Million Years’
Ernest Jenning Record Co., 2012
Note: Song source KEXP says “To quote the New York Times, Brooklyn’s Wild Yaks are “a roman candle of a band” – they light up, shoot off, explode, and then fade out. What Wild Yaks lack in finesse is more than made up for in their enthusiasm, which in a post-Strokes world, is a refreshing change of attitude from the slew of too-cool indie rock bands. A highlight from their second album, Million Years, “Father” is a two minute, twenty four second tribute to… well, everything.
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Jamie Lidell
“What A Shame”
‘Jamie Lidell’
Warp/Fontana North, 2013
Note: Stereogum says “The willfully weird electro-soul loverman Jamie Lidell will release a self-titled album early next year, and he appears to be tapping deeper into his weird side than he’s done in a while. On first single “What A Shame,” he throws his honeyed falsetto all over a wriggling post-dubstep drunken monster of a track…
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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
“We Real Cool”
‘Push The Sky Away’
Bad Seed Ltd., 2013
Note: The Clevescene music blog says our second track on PUTV from the latest Nick Cave record “returns to the band’s gravelly sweet spot. Even at the heaviest points of the album, like in this tune, the music never seems to rise above a whisper.” We last heard from the one and only Nick Cave a few weeks ago on Episode044.
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Your Youth
“Thick Gold (Bodies)”
Old Flame Records, 2012
Note: Song source KEXP says “A self-described “loud alternative band that doesn’t totally exist”, Your Youth combines all of 1994′s (the last year the word “alternative” meant anything) trademark sounds – lo-fi filters, anthemic slacker vocals, subtle pop melodies – and throws them into a garage-rock blender.
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“I Am Haunted” (Jason Lytle Remix)
‘Somewhere Else’
4AD, 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode043, the 4AD artist returns with an exclusive remix on KCRW. “It’s a big year for Jason Lytle. He reunited with his band Grandaddy for a series of shows and now offers his take on “I Am Haunted” from 4AD artist Indians, the musical alter ego of Copenhagen resident Søren Løkke Juul.
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Speck Mountain
Carrot Top, 2013
Note: “Formed in 2005 by vocalist Marie-Claire Balabanian and guitarist Karl Briedrick, Chicago’s Speck Mountain falls somewhere between the texture-based, psychedelic sounds of’60s and the ethereal, alluring haze of ’00s space rock.
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Beach Fossils
“Generational Synthetic”
‘Clash The Truth’
Captured Tracks, 2013
Note: Pitchfork says “Beach Fossils will followup 2011’s What a Pleasure EP with a new full-length, Clash the Truth, via Captured Tracks. We’ve already heard “Careless” and now the band has shared the album’s second cut, “Generational Synthetic”, which finds a strong post-punk bass melody carrying along some relatively cutting sentiments from frontman Dustin Payseur.
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Atlas Genius
“Centred on You”
‘When It Was Now’
Warner Bros., 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode041, “Aussies Atlas Genius have been winning over fans worldwide for their catchy lyrics and buoyant beats.
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Jenn Grant
“I’ve Got Your Fire”
‘The Beautiful Wild’
Six Shooter, 2013
Note: “A veteran of the Nova Scotia music scene, Jenn Grant’s luminous voice has been soundtracking cold, lamp-lit nights since her 2005 debut… The second single from her fourth album, The Beautiful Wild, “I’ve Got Your Fire” is an ascending slow burn that floats on Grant’s ardent performance.
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“Ian’s Dream”
‘Front Porch’ EP
Manic Pop!, 2013
Note: 1 For The People says about this Minneapolis quartet that “Since we first heard Gloss’ “Front Porch”, let’s just say we’ve been waiting, fairly impatiently, for the next helping of “dreamy-ass jangle pop”. It’s now here in the form of “Ian’s Dream”, which will accompany the bands debut single, “Front Porch” on its physical release.
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Deer Tracks
‘The Archer Trilogy: PT.3’
Control Group, 2013
Note: CoS says that “On the final installment of their three-part debut, The Deer Tracks shed their doe eyes. While The Archer Trilogy Pt. 2 twitched around stilted epics, eerie lullabies, and acerbic pop bursts, Pt. 3 funnels the Swedish duo’s itchy wanderlust into a series of sinewy organisms.
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Animals at Night
“Bare Feet and Summer Teeth”
‘Animals at Night’ EP
self-released, 2012
Note: And finally, song source KEXP says ““Bare Feet and Summer Teeth” starts the new EP off with a bang. Right off the bat, we get a smorgasbord of guitar noise all synchronized to form a pattern of sorts. This is only necessary until a driving drum kits pounds it’s way forward towards Markel’s first verse. Here, he sings with desperation as he name drops Queen Anne and describes the weird beauty of the Seattle summer.
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