@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode068 – The Power Come Over Me

Episode068 - The Power Come Over Me

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on Episode068 – The Power Come Over Me which features brand new sounds from CocoRosie, Oberhofer, Natalia Clavier, Love Language, Lou Doillon, Turnpike Glow, SOKO, Fol Chen, Food Pyramid, Valerie June and Pigeonhed

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♬Liner Notes♬: Welcome back to another awesome week of brand spankin’ new music! We’ve got more Natalia Clavier and Turnpike Glow + epics from Pigeonhed and Food Pyramid, the secret weapon of French ladies like Lou Doillon, SOKO, CocoRosie and more… Now lets Pump Up Tha Volume!

“Tears For Animals” (w/ Antony Hegarty)
‘Tales of a Grass Widow’
City Slang, 2013
Note: Consequence of Sound says, “CocoRosie are an acquired taste, but on Tales of a Grass Widow, their fifth studio album, the Casady sisters spin some of their most accessible tracks in years… “Tears for Animals” is a collaboration featuring the dulcet tones of Antony Hegarty (of Antony and the Johnsons) under the higher intonations of Sierra and Bianca. An electronic beat backs the repeated question, “Do you have love for humankind?”, all punctuated by foreboding narrations about poison in the water and pistols and nightshade.
(More Info)

“You + Me (Still Together In The Future)”
‘Notalgia’ EP
Glassnote, 2013
Note: “Oberhofer’s guitar-driven, indie rock-tinged take on bedroom pop is the creative output of Brad Oberhofer, who is backed up by touring musicians in a live setting… Like It’s Never Been Like That-era Phoenix with a much smaller recording budget, “You + Me (Still Together In The Future)”‘s dizzying vocals and frantic guitar falls somewhere between hopeless romanticism and too-cool-for-love snobbery, forming a fascinating push/pull between the two moods as Oberhofer pours out anything and everything of what’s on his mind.
(More Info)

Natalia Clavier
“El Tren”
Nacional, 2013
Note: Making her third appearance on PUTV after Episode065 & Episode067 is Natalia Clavier – whose new record is obviously making noise as each of our song sources have highlighted songs from ‘Lumen’! Crew Of One says, “Natalia Clavier started off singing jazz standards in her homeland of Argentina (and I would LOVE to hear a jazz album from her!), but has been in the American downtempo world for most of her career, contributing vocals to albums by Federico Aubele and The Echocentrics, and singing live with Thievery Corporation.
(More Info)

Love Language
“Calm Down”
‘Ruby Red’
Merge, 2013
Note: Stereogum says, “North Carolina indie-pop crew the Love Language are a couple of months away from releasing Ruby Red, their third album. And “Calm Down,” the first single from the LP, is a lush but driven piece of songcraft, one that bursts with harmonies and pianos but doesn’t OD on twee adrenaline.
(More Info)

Lou Doillon
“Questions and Answers”
Barclay, 2012
Note: Spin says, “Yes, Lou Doillon comes from a family of accomplished artists and performers — she’s the daughter of filmmaker Jacques Doillon and actress/singer Jane Birkin, which also makes her a half-sister to the multi-talented Charlotte Gainsbourg. But the 30-year-old singer-songwriter cut her own path with Places, a smoky folk debut that landed in the U.S. last month.
(More Info)

Turnpike Glow
“A Sentimental Song”
‘Fünke Pop’ EP
self-released, 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode050, the Rome-via-London band returns with a new EP. Song source KEXP says, “The group’s latest release, the Fünke Pop EP (named after exactly who you think it is), picks up where their last EP left off, moving in a sonically rougher but melodically sharper direction. “A Sentimental Tune” achieves the pigeon-toed poignancy that the title promises, but via a cleverly unconventional method.
(More Info)

“First Love Never Die”
‘I Thought I Was An Alien’
PID, 2012
Note: Stereogum says, “26-year-old Stéphanie Sokolinski is SoKo is a French artist with already substantial global popularity — she’s the sort to put up YouTube numbers in the 1.5MM view range. After taking some time away from music, presumably to focus on film (she’s a prolific actress) though clearly also to focus on honing her sound, she returns…with a gorgeous, ethereally plaintive folk/pop album called I Thought I Was An Alien.
(More Info)

Fol Chen
‘The False Alarms’
Asthmatic Kitty, 2013
Note: The DCist says, “Fol Chen, a group of six pop chameleons from Los Angeles, have been making art-damaged music since 2009 on Sufjan Steven’s Asthmatic Kitty Label. With each release, they become more mainstream-focused, especially the third The False Alarms…” And don’t miss the supercute roller-skating video!
(More Info)

Food Pyramid
‘Ecstasy & Refreshment’
Holy Mountain, 2013
Note: “Minnesota’s Food Pyramid – a beat-heavy electronic group who, in their own words, make music to activate spaces – are set to drop their upcoming LP Ecstasy & Refreshment later this month. Lead-off track “Dexedream” is pure groove, a soothing 6:42 second set your eardrums will never forget. These guys love producing borderline dance tracks, but this first single is more calming, more introspective, as the beat gradually builds and expands to activate every space around you. Jana Hunter of Lower Dens offers guest vocals which perfectly complement the wavy guitar and throbbing beat, and before you know it you’ll be hitting the Repeat button again and again.
(More Info)

Valerie June
“Workin’ Woman Blues”
‘Pushin’ Against A Stone’
Concord, 2013
Note: Song source KCRW says, “Tennessee native Valerie June’s debut album, Pushin’ Against A Stone, was put into motion after she entered the studio with Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. Mixing traditional Appalachian elements and impeccable musicianship — including the handy work of legendary Booker T…
(More Info)

“The Power Come Over Me” single
Fin, 2013
Note: Finally, our Pacific Northwest closer this week are legends of sorts… Song source KEXP says, “Originally formed in 1993, Pigeonhed as a collaboration between Seattle musicians Shawn Smith and Steve Fisk. Although the duo stopped releasing music in 1997, they recently got back together and are working to release their “lost album” from 2001.
(More Info)

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(Thanks again to @KEXP, @KCRW, @TheCurrent, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System and you!)

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