@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode069 – Star Dream Girl

Episode069 - Star Dream Girl

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on Episode069 – Star Dream Girl which features brand new sounds from Pigeon, Chapin Sisters, Black Marble, Cheyenne Mize, Booker T, Wild Cub, David Lynch, The Soul of John Black, Bleached, Speedy Ortiz, Wild Nothing, The Intelligence, Speed’s The Name and Superhumanoids

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♬Liner Notes♬: It’s an episode of wild women and speedy men featuring David Lynch, Booker T., Black Marble, Bleached, Superhumanoids and much more!

‘Fortunes’ EP
self-released, 2013
Note: It’s funny, we ended last week with Seattle’s Pigeonhed and now we begin with a five-piece live electrodance group from Brisbane, Australia. Acid Stag says, “Creating great music is all about striking the right balance between competing elements like accessibility and authenticity, variety and consistency, complexity and simplicity, etc. Pigeon expertly walks this fine line and has managed to find a formula that’s pretty close to perfect, which is just ridiculous considering this EP is their debut release.
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Chapin Sisters
“Down in the Willow Garden”
‘A Date With the Everly Brothers’
Lake Bottom, 2013
Note: After a meeting their Kickstarter goal, the sisters busted out this awesome almost-concept album. “In the spring of 2012, Abigail and Lily were struck with the idea to do a cover record of one of their favorite brother harmony groups, The Everly Brothers. It was to be an album of the sisters singing the songs of the brothers. That summer, they put together an all-star band with the help of friend and drummer Evan Taylor. After a week’s practice, the group met in the studio to record 14 songs in a day — just as the Everlys might have done back in Nashville’s golden era.” And yes, they are related to those Chapin‘s!
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Black Marble
‘A Different Arrangement’
Hardly Art, 2012
Note: Last heard on Episode034, this NYC band admittedly sounds a lot like Joy Division but… better? Tiny Mix Tapes, in a rather academic writeup, says “There are two basic styles of minimal wave: the kind to do herky-jerky dancing to, and the kind we have in hand, the kind to mope out in your bedroom to.
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Cheyenne Mize
“Whole Heart”
‘Among The Grey’
Yep Roc, 2013
Note: “The beauty of life is how it unfolds, and you could say the same of Louisville songwriter Cheyenne Mize’s sophomore album, Among the Grey. It’s not a slow, dramatic climb over 45 minutes to an grand conclusion, but rather a natural progression of highs and lows, darkness and light. It’s a soaring, expansive folk rock set dashed with Americana’s rustic heart, chamber pop’s understated elegance, and even occasional, subtle psychedelic and electronic notes. And it’s this studied fusion that lends itself to making Among the Grey both sonically and thematically compelling.
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Booker T.
“Watch You Sleeping” (w/ Kori Withers)
‘Sound The Alarm’
Stax, 2013
Note: Billboard had the exclusive on this new track and they said, “The song, a funky slow-burner at nearly four minutes long, features Kori Withers on vocals. Withers, daughter of major soul player Bill Withers, adds a saccharine vocal to Jones’s deeper croon. “When I came out to California, Kori’s dad was the first person I produced out here,” Booker T. said of his collaboration with the singer. “I went to a 50th anniversary celebration for him in West Virginia. They had a film of his life, and Kori was singing on the film. John Burk suggested that we use her on the song. Kori is very expressive. She’s her own person, and she’s a beautiful singer.”
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Wild Cub
“Blacktide” single
Big Light, 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode048, the band returns with a new single as a lead up to a new album. Song source KEXP says, ““Blacktide”, the group’s first release since Youth, is a glowing, neon-lit synth burner that showcases the band’s penchant for marrying interpersonal lyrics with sweeping, beautiful soundscapes. Formed around a Peter Hook-style guitar line and a flurry of vintage synthesizers…
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David Lynch
“Star Dream Girl”
‘The Big Dream’
Sacred Bones, 2013
Note: Stereogum says, “David Lynch has made a couple of movies, but he’s relatively new to the music game… Lynch has referred to the album as “a hybrid, modernized form of low-down blues,” and “Star Dream Girl,” the first song we’ve heard from the album proper, certainly bears that idea out. It’s a cryptic, electronic blues-rock song, with Lynch reciting lyrics that, according to him, are inspired by an experience trying to go see Jerry Lee Lewis live in Idaho in 1961.” Didn’t we play “Crazy Clown Time” on PUTV? I can’t any evidence of it… ?
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The Soul of John Black
“Magic Woman”
‘A Sunshine State of Mind’
Yellow Dog, 2013
Note: American Blues Scene says, “These days, The Soul of John Black is in A Sunshine State of Mind. John Bigham (effectively, The Soul of John Black)… Bigham has been making music a long time, and has worked with musicians such as Miles Davis, Everlast, Dr. Dré, Nikka Costa, and Eminem. He is a singer, composer, producer, and performer of boundless enthusiasm.
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“Looking For a Fight”
‘Ride Your Heart’
Dead Oceans, 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode056, the NME says this is “An album as classic as its faultless Thelma & Louise-ian artwork, the universal themes of ‘Ride Your Heart’ manage to transcend the dated California girl stereotype while knowingly plugging into what still makes the myth so appealing.
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Speedy Ortiz
“Tiger Tank”
‘Major Arcana’
Carpark, 2013
Note: Pitchfork was one of the only sites I could find that didn’t mention the amazing video for this song! They say, ““My mouth is a factory for every toxic part of speech I spew,” Sadie Dupuis sings at the beginning of Speedy Ortiz’s new single “Tiger Tank”, and ain’t it the truth. The first track let loose from the Northhampton, MA four-piece’s forthcoming debut LP Major Arcana (out July 9 on Carpark) is all quaking, off-kilter rhythm and grumbling, sludge-slicked guitars, all of which Dupuis melts down and funnels into her lyrics. “Tiger Tank” starts out sounding like something off In Utero, but Dupuis’s over-it attitude and slacker poetry are pure Malkmus. She’s a shrewd collector of offbeat phrases, oddly textured words and surreal black comedy.
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Wild Nothing
‘Empty Estate’ EP
Captured Tracks, 2013
Note: Last heard way back on Episode025, the band is back with a new EP. Amazon says, “Empty Estate is the follow-up EP to the critically acclaimed Nocturne, which received several year-end accolades including album of the year in Under The Radar and iTunes. The 7-song EP was recorded in Brooklyn at Gary s Electric by Al Carlson in January.
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The Intelligence
“Hippy Provider”
‘Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me’
In the Red, 2012
Note: Again, Pitchfork says this seventh album is the band’s “most lyrically direct and musically exploratory album to date, introducing pastoral psychedelia, space-age bachelor-pad vibes, and at least one proper ballad to the mix. Fittingly for a record that likes to pull you in two different directions at once, Finberg recorded it with two separate supporting casts in his hometown of Seattle and his new base of operations, Los Angeles“.
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Speed’s The Name
‘No Planets Exist’ EP
self-released, 2013
Note: “It’s been a quiet couple of years for Speed’s the Name, but it turns out they’ve been hard at work during their hiatus from the clubs. The sharp-edged pop band just announced this week that they’ll drop a new EP, No Planets Exist, on July 30.
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Innovative Leisure, 2013
Note: A Los Angeles trio closes out the show this week as KUT says “the group has spent the past two years perfecting their debut album… The LP is a completely DIY entity, recorded and produced by the band at an unhurried pace, which allowed for more experimentation with song structures and sounds.
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