@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode074 – Mind Your Manners

Episode074 - Mind Your Manners

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on Episode074 – Mind Your Manners which features brand new sounds from Typhoon, Blind Boys of Alabama, Lower 48, Moby, Don Cavalli, Willy Mason, Golden Suits, Moderat, DIANA, Jagwar Ma, Yuck, Sonny Knight and The Lakers, Alunageorge and Pearl Jam

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♬Liner Notes♬: We’re closing out August with another perfect episode! Rock your Labor Day weekend with Moby, Moderat, Pearl Jam, Willy Mason and much more… Let’s Pump Up Tha Volume!

“Young Fathers”
‘White Lighter’
Roll Call, 2013
Note: Let’s get it started, PDX-style! “Last month, Typhoon shared “Dreams of Cannibalism,” the first sample of the Portland collective’s upcoming album, White Lighter… Now, the massive outfit — composed of more than 10 permanent members — has unveiled another mind-boggling chunk of orchestral pop in the form of “Young Fathers.” This latest epic dives into the group’s enormous range: Frontman Kyle Morton’s earnest vocals lead the charge, his wondrous delivery flanked by left-field riffage, sudden fits of silence, chirping backup singers, and triumphant horns — and those are just a few of the sounds thriving inside “Young Fathers.”
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Blind Boys Of Alabama
“There Will Not Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated at the Conference Table)”
‘I’ll Find a Way’
Sony Masterworks, 2013
Note: Produced by the unavoidable Justin Vernon (we heard the Bon Iver frontman’s side project Volcano Choir two weeks ago), JamBands says, “The unique collaboration is a collection of both old and new gospel and spiritual songs, and features contributions from Vernon, Patty Griffin, Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond, Merill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs, Casey Dienel of White Hinterland and Sam Amidon.
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The Lower 48
“That’s What I’ll Say”
‘The Lower 48’ EP
self-released, 2013
Note: “The Lower 48, a Portland trio of vintage poppers, bring modern vibes to old school grooves sure to make you move.
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“A Case For Shame” (w/ Cold Specks)
Mute, 2013
Note: Another week, another legend added to the PUTV roster! And it features Cold Specks, too, last heard way back on Episodes009/012. “Over the years, Moby became as well known for his ethereal and moody production as for his tendency to collaborate with others… Cold Specks is only one of the many collaborators featured on the “bedroom studio” produced album — Seattle’s own Damien Jurado is another, as are former Seattleite and dark brooder Mark Lanegan, Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips…” ‘Innocents’ is scheduled to be released in October.
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Don Cavalli
“Me And My Baby”
Everloving, 2013
Note: The Speakeasy says, “Five years after Don Cavalli released “Cryland,” a solo debut championed by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, he’s back with the follow-up, “Temperamental” — after spending some of the intervening time working odd jobs including gardener and undertaker.” Meanwhile, KCRW says, “Temperamental, the latest album from French singer-songwriter Don Cavalli features everything from folk to Zydeco. Lots of toe-tapping and head bobbing accompany a joyous collection of songs.
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Willy Mason
“Restless Fugitive”
‘Carry On’
Communion, 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode049, the NYC-born singer-songwriter gives us this week’s epic. Twenty-Four Bit says, “Willy Mason may have shed the folk lining of his first two records a bit here — teaming up with Hot Chip/CSS/M.I.A. producer Dan Carey for the follow-up to 2007’s If the Ocean Gets Rough — but the Martha’s Vineyard songwriter remains a seeker.
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Golden Suits
“Swimming In ’99”
‘Golden Suits’
Yep Roc, 2013
Note: Song source KCRW says, “Golden Suits is the new solo project from Fred Nicolaus, who you may know from the Grizzly Bear side project, Department of Eagles. He plays most of the instruments himself…
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“Bad Kingdom”
Mute, 2013
Note: “German dance music duo Modeselektor makes music that can knock your head off its axis. Electronic producer Sascha Ring, better known as Apparat, has made the kind of stuff that buries your heart deep in your gut. Moderat, the project that unites these two seemingly disparate energies, finds a sweet spot that resonates with both body and mind… On the first single, “Bad Kingdom,” we hear flooding bass enter the mix with a blown-out top half, and as sustained pads linger in the background, Apparat fits a funky string of lines between the beats, opening his cadence to reveal a drama-doused hook.” Spotify turned me on to these guys a couple of months ago by saying, “You’ve been listening to a lot of Boards Of Canada, try Moderat!” I did and it was good.
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“Perpetual Surrender”
‘Perpetual Surrender’
Jagjaguwar, 2013
Note: “As in fashion, the revival is not identical to the original (the physical act of shoegazing is démodé), but in vogue once again, are the sonic hallmarks of shoegaze: grand synthesizers, passive vocals, and hypnotic repetitive arrangements. Torontonian outfit DIANA is a little late to this party, only the most recent in a long string of acts to jump on the bandwagon. Nevertheless, DIANA harnesses the renewed vigor of this recent movement, marrying the underpinnings of shoegaze to modern times, to produce their debut, Perpetual Surrender.
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Jagwar Ma
“Let Her Go”
Marathon Artists, 2013
Note: Consequence of Sound says “Howlin’ takes the psychedelia of their countrymen Tame Impala on a trip to Manchester, UK circa 1990… The heart of Howlin’ may lie in Manchester, but there’s a lot more going on here…
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‘Glow And Behold’
Fat Possum, 2013
Note: Stereogum says, “The young ’90s-indie-riffing British fuzz-rock band Yuck lost frontman Daniel Blumberg to the solo project Hebronix earlier this year, but they’re soldiering on as a trio and getting ready to drop the follow-up to 2011′s self-titled debut on us. And this morning, they’re sharing their new lineup’s first single. The song, pointedly enough, is called “Rebirth,” and it’s closer to the starry-eyed but concrete shoegaze of, say, Ride, than it is to the ramshackle Dinosaur Jr. sounds of their first album.
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Sonny Knight And The Lakers
“Hey Girl”
‘Hey Girl/Sugarman’
Secret Stash, 2013
Note: Flea Market Funk says, “If you have not been following the Minneapolis, MN record label Secret Stash, here’s a good time to start… Their latest, Sonny Knight and the Lakers, combines the best of the old with the best of the new. Knight was first on the Twin Cities bustling music scene in 1965 as a 15 year old recording in a basement on Lake Street. (not too far from the Secret Stash offices now)… Knight has linked up with the guys from Secret Stash Records to put out a belter of a 45. “Hey Girl” is Midwest Deep Funk at it’s finest.
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Vagrant, 2013
Note: Stereogum says, “R&B is different in England… Aluna Francis, the duo’s vocal half, isn’t a power-singer, but you can tell she’s listened to, and absorbed, a whole lot of Aaliyah… It’s probably easier to sound cool when you’ve got someone like George Reid, the duo’s other half, putting the tracks together. Reid is great at pulling in tons of different sounds — the wobbles of first-wave dubstep, the wet low-end of bass music, the pings and whirrs of cerebral dance music. If AlunaGeorge’s pop sounds oblique to American ears, that’s mostly Reid’s doing; when Francis sings a hook, he’ll summon an R2D2 beep to answer her, or he’ll make sure the drums hit on the parts where they’re not supposed to hit.
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Pearl Jam
“Mind Your Manners”
‘Mind Your Manners’
Monkeywrench, 2013
Note: Well then, it doesn’t get much more quintessentially Pacific Northwest than the longest band standing, the one and only Mookie Blaylock… um, I mean Pearl Jam! Song source KEXP says, “Reminiscent of both their early, punk-tinged work and the New Wave immediacy of 2009′s Backspacer, “Mind Your Manners” takes off straight out of the gate with buzzsaw guitars blaring. McCready and Gossard’s furious interplay attacks without taking anything away from of Vedder’s shouted growl. Exhilarating and topical without being preachy, “Mind Your Manners” shows not only that Pearl Jam still has plenty of gas left in the tank, but also that they’re still willing to set things on fire on the way.
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