@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode078 – Snap

Episode078 - Snap

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫” on Episode078 – Snap which features brand new sounds from T. Hardy Morris and The Outfit, Paul McCartney, Shigeto, Blitzen Trapper, Julieta Venegas, Mount Kimbie, Saint Rich, Tristen, Zola Jesus, Those Darlins, King Krule, Nosaj Thing, Cactus Channel, Holographic Sands and Kingdom Crumbs

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♬Liner Notes♬: We could’ve easily called this episode “Disaster Proof” or “In The Wilderness”, because that’s WHAT we are and WHERE we are right now. Actually, a lot of these titles are appropriate: “Made To Stray”, “Crying From The Home”, “Take Off”… But since last week was called “Shake”, let’s call this one “Snap” since that’s what we’re trying NOT to do! It’s also gonna be another “more rock, less talk” episode as we’re about to finally get back on the road again… For the love of god, let’s Pump Up Tha Volume!

T. Hardy Morris and The Outfit
“Disaster Proof”
‘Audition Tapes’
Dangerbird, 2013
Note: “Best known as co-founder and member of the psychedelic grunge groups Dead Confederate and Diamond Rugs, T. Hardy Morris has also worked as a solo artist, where his sound is much looser and sparser, a Vic Chesnutt-like sound that could almost be called outlaw country grunge, for lack of a better term. Audition Tapes, his debut album under his own name (actually, as T. Hardy Morris & the Outfit), recorded at producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins’ Playground Sound Studios in Nashville, was released by Dangerbird Records in the summer of 2013.” We last heard the Outfit on Episode061.
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Paul McCartney
Hear, 2013
Note: “Macca’s latest sounds old, title notwithstanding, but in the best way. A Beatlesque pop confection with tasty production by retro-modernist Mark Ronson, “New” rides along on a bouncy harpsichord-flavored melody line and a touch of brass that recalls “Got to Get You Into My Life.” The song sinks its hooks in almost instantly, before McCartney goes out on some goofy-sweet scat singing that will probably linger on your palate all day.
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“Detroit Part 1”
‘No Better Time Than Now’
Ghostly, 2013
Note: “The stage name of Zachary Shigeto Saginaw, Ann Arbor’s Shigeto creates melodic and rhythmic electronic music that incorporates elements of jazz, 2000s sub-bass and early IDM to create a colorful and evocative style.
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Blitzen Trapper
“Shine On”
Vagrant, 2013
Note: “Blitzen Trapper released a bluesy new single “Shine On,” off of their forthcoming album VII that is due out at the end of the month. The aptly titled album will be the the Portland-based neo-folk band’s seventh full-length release. “Shine On” is a psychedelic campfire song awash in a gospel-inspired harmony-rich chorus. Check out Blitzen Trapper’s tour dates and listen to “Shine On” below.
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Julieta Venegas
“Te Vi”
‘Los Momentos’
Sony International, 2013
Note: “Los Momentos (“The Moments”) is the sixth studio album by Mexican recording artist Julieta Venegas, was released April 9, 2013 by Sony International. The first single from Los Momentos is “Tuve para dar”. This album features collaborations with Cecilia Bastida, Natalia Lafourcade and Rubén Albarrán (vocalist from Café Tacvba).
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Mount Kimbie
“Made To Stray”
‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’
Warp, 2013
Note: “first single ‘Made to Stray’ from Mount Kimbie’s second album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, has been following me around all summer, buzzing around my head now for months that feel like a millennia. It’s fuelled by this distinctive percussive core, that’s halfway between a heartbeat, and that strange alien chirrup you get from speakers when a signal is coming in.” AND “The album…features two collaborations with King Krule.
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Saint Rich
“Crying From The Home”
‘Beyond The Drone’
Merge, 2013
Note: “Saint Rich is the musical partnership of Delicate Steve bandmates Christian Peslak and Steve Marion. Under the name Delicate Steve, Steve Marion recorded Wondervisions, an instrumental record released by David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label that entered the world via a glowing New York Times review.
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PUPsnake, 2013
Note: “Back in January, we drew your attention to Tristen’s Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of her forthcoming LP C A V E S. Following the resounding success of said campaign, word came this week from Ms. Gaspadarek that the album will be released June 25 via her own label, PupSnake Records. Check out the video trailer above for a taste of the retro-electro flavors Tristen and band have massaged into to the evocative, simultaneously intimate and rockin’ sound of her stellar 2011 album, Charlatans at the Garden Gate.
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Zola Jesus
Sacred Bones, 2013
Note: “Versions, the fourth Zola Jesus LP in as many years, might best be described as a set of self-covers; with one exception, these are new takes on existing tracks. Originating in a performance at the Guggenheim Museum at the end of the world tour supporting her last record, Conatus (2011), Zola Jesus, née Nika Roza Danilova, worked with no-wave legend J.G. “Foetus” Thirlwell to create new arrangements for her songs, with the Mivos Quartet performing them.
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Those Darlins
“In The Wilderness”
‘Blur The Lines’
Ow Wow Dang, 2013
Note: Finally! “Those Darlins shed their clothes for the cover art to their upcoming third album (and have shared two NSFW music videos, one for “Oh God” and another for “Optimist”), but now the Nashville outfit have really bared it all. Days ahead of its October 1 release, the Blur the Line LP is streaming in its entirety… The follow-up to 2011’s Screws Get Loose serves up 12 songs that nod to the band’s country roots while carefully navigating the gender divide — per an official statement, “it’s Those Darlins’ ability to balance and love both the masculine and feminine powers (as all great rock does) that gives them potency.” They snarl, “We belong in the wilderness,” on one song, and mourn, “That man don’t want me,” on the next.” Longtime Media Monarchy fans know that we’re big fans of Those Darlins. Got to hang out with them when they were in Portland in 2011 and we’re excited to get to tsee them again real soon!
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King Krule
“Border Line”
‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’
True Panther / XL, 2013
Note: “When Archy Marshall first emerged as Zoo Kid in 2010, he was a hyped-up curiosity… On 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, his first album as King Krule, Marshall gently expands the instrumentation of his earlier recordings, incorporating piano, shimmering electronic textures and horns. His voice, on the other hand, gets stretched to the breaking point… There are moments of beauty on 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, as in the serenely seductive “Neptune Estate” or the chiming guitars of “Borderline”
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Nosaj Thing
Innovative Leisure, 2013
Note: “Pretty much immediately after his introduction in 2006, Nosaj Thing (Jason Chung) has been a blip on everybody’s radar. It only took him two years after to start producing tracks for big name hip-hop acts like Kid Cudi. Since then, Nosaj Thing has walked a good line, balancing production for big names (Kendrick Lamar, Trinidad James) and smaller ones who might benefit from a boost (Busdriver, Chance the Rapper)… “Snap” finds Chung’s production banging on the low. It’s a track that begs to explode for the duration of its short three and a half minutes, but Chung never lets it happen.” We last heard from Nosaj Thing on Episode035.
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Cactus Channel
‘Wooden Boy’
Hope Street, 2013
Note: “Melbourne’s ‘The Cactus Channel’ return with the follow up to their striking 2012 afro funk debut. A 10 piece group of young cats in their late teens and early twenties – the maturity and skill of their playing seems remarkable considering the ages of the band members and yet some of these guys and girls were apparently just 14 when the band formed at high school, so they’ve had a few years crafting their sound – a deep, interlocking groove that sits firmly in the pocket. As evident here, on their second album “Wooden Boy”, The band really play together with a disciplined, sharp, arresting sound.” The Aussie funk mob was last heard on Episode033.
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Holographic Sands
“Take Off”
‘Water Bodies’ EP
Forged Artifacts, 2013
Note: “Holographic Sands, Forged Artifacts’ newest signatory, is releasing their Water Bodies EP on October 1, and it’s first single “Take Off” is one part deep-country twang and another part indie-pop skittishness. Using clean guitars that punctuate the flighty nervousness in the song, Holographic Sands even occasionally break into a melded pop/ska territory, especially at the two-minute mark, where guitar echoes are in no short supply and light-moving lines take territory over the vocals, whose abandonment of the song make us think someone has actually taken off. The song in its whole form rings of the best indiepop, like a Pains of Being Pure of Heart track if it were strained through a distilled jug of moonshine in the Smoky Mountains.
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Kingdom Crumbs
“The Infinite”
‘Kingdom Crumbs’
Cloud Nice, 2012
Note: “Seattle band Kingdom Crumbs write ethereal, thoughtful songs. Floaty, but piercing, songs. Their aesthetic comes from hip-hop but it is hard – and unwarranted – to try and put the band in any genre box… If their song “The Infinite” was a flower, it would be easy to assume that the bee that pollinated it had fluttered and touched the blooms of Prince’s musical production and Outkast’s spaced-out vocal style, watered then by rain falling from a Cloud Nice Cumulonimbus.
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