@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode088 – Put Me Through

Episode088 - Put Me Through

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode088 – Put Me Through which features brand new sounds from Los Campesinos!, Ki: Theory, Bottomless Pit, Diego Garcia, Roman Remains, Capsula, Blood Orange, Vance Joy, Courtney Barnett, Tennis, Amason, Cloud Control, Red Mountain, Juaneco y Su Combo and Blouse


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♬Liner Notes♬: We begin the final month of 2013 – as the deadline for my ‘Best of 2013’ mixtape looms large – with another great, new batch of progressive music this week from Los Campesinos!, Tennis, Blood Orange, Vance Joy, Cloud Control and much more… Warm up to the new sounds Pump Up Tha Volume!

Los Campesinos!
“Avocado, Baby”
‘No Blues’
Turnstile/Wichita, 2013
Note: Two weeks in a row we get the joyful noise of the seven piece from Wales! ““Avocado, Baby” features an early Rapture-esque breakdown, wherein Gareth sing-shouts, “A heart of stone/ Rind so tough it’s crazy/ That’s why they call me the avocado, baby,” a line that’s both laughably inane (they call you the avocado?) and painfully heartbreaking in its doth-protest-too-much emotionless insistence.
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Ki: Theory
“Open Wound”
‘Kitty Hawk’
Kringer, 2013
Note: “Based out of Richmond, Virgina, Ki:Theory (pronounced “key theory”) is about drop his newest album KITTY HAWK on October 29th in collaboration with Kringer Records… Featuring massive hooks, aching vocals, and high energy, “Open Wound” showcases (Joel) Burleson’s capabilities with the electronic sounds while playing with some trap-style elements over a slow drum pattern.
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Bottomless Pit
“Null Set”
‘Shade Perennial’
Comedy Minus One, 2013
Note: “Formed after their previous project, the long-running Chicago indie outfit Silkworm, which ended with its drummer’s tragic death, Bottomless Pit retained some of that band’s slithering tempos and garage-tinged roughness, adding a level of previously unheard grandiosity into the mix… “Null Set”, named for a mathematical term for a set that can be ignored in some contexts, contradicts its title.
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Diego Garcia
“Start With The End”
Concord, 2013
Note: Last heard on Episode079, the multi-talented Garcia returns with more from ‘Paradise’. “Formally the lead singer of the NYC-based, post-punk band Elefant, Garcia recently released his sophomore album… Oft-compared to a young Julio Iglesias and Leonard Cohen, Detroit-born, New York City-based Garcia has successfully created a following for himself since 2011, crafting music that’s imbued with the essence of Latin and South American love songs from the last century.
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Roman Remains
“This Stone Is Starting to Bleed”
‘Energy You’ EP
H.O.T., 2013
Note: “Liela Moss and Toby Butler have played together in the British rock outfit the Duke Spirit for the past decade, and the two recently branched out with a side project, Roman Remains. The duo’s debut EP, Energy You, was just released on H.O.T. Records, and you can pick it up now over at iTunes; a full-length is also on the way for 2014 release. Now you can take an exclusive first look at the video for “This Stone Is Starting to Bleed,” a glitchy, blistering synth-punk cut that soundtracks a shaman’s peculiar ritual as the members of Roman Remains watch from the shadows.
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“Seven Crimes”
‘Solar Secrets’
Krian, 2013
Note: This is the Argentina band’s tenth (?!) record. “Built upon the foundation of glam, garage, psychedelic and classic rock that made the aptly named ‘Rising Mountains’ (2009) an epic force to be reckoned with and impossible to ignore, this year’s release of ‘Solar Secrets’ finds Capsula at the top of their game while also realizing a lifetime dream: to record with Tony Visconti.
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Blood Orange
“You’re Not Good Enough”
‘Cupid Deluxe’
Domino, 2013
Note: “Dev Hynes knows how to make pain beautiful. Cupid Deluxe, his second record as Blood Orange, could break your heart… But it’s Hynes’ production that shines and makes Cupid Deluxe so entrancing. He can throw back to disco and old R&B without making something that feels contrived. Instead, it feels heartbroken, contemplative and damn sexy. It feels human, and that’s not something pop can always achieve.
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Vance Joy
‘God Loves You When You’re Dancing’ EP
Atlantic, 2013
Note: “James Keogh (better known as Vance Joy) is an Australian singer-songwriter born in Melbourne. His debut EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing was released in March 2013. The single “Riptide” became a success on Australian commercial radio… The song also features in a GoPro TV advertising campaign in the US… Vance Joy has signed with Atlantic Records a five-album deal.
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Courtney Barnett
“History Eraser”
‘How To Carve A Carrot Into A Rose’ EP
Milk!, 2013
Note: “With a refreshingly earnest appreciation for literalism and an amiable deadpan delivery, the 24 year-old Melbourne singer-songwriter creates narratives that could be read word-for-word as a story without music and still be just as charming… Laced with clever, but never obnoxious, wordplay that reflects her dry sense of humor, “History Eraser” serves as an upbeat jangle that follows one night’s drunken musings with somewhat more focus than its subject lets on.
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“Mean Streets”
‘Small Sound’ EP
Communion, 2013
Note: Another band making it to PUTV for two weeks in a row is the Denver duo known as Tennis. “Tennis’ Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are a Pinterest-ready married couple. Perfect prep narrative (I mean, c’mon, even Vampire Weekend don’t sail), pretty pop songs, that sort of thing. But perfect and pretty get boring after a minute, and the two have come to realize that. With their third release, the five-song Small Sound EP, Tennis complicate the easy breezy beautiful schtick with some positive results.
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‘Amason’ EP
INGRID, 2013
Note: “Members of Swedish bands Miike Snow and Dungen join together for a new project called Amason.
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Cloud Control
“Dojo Rising”
‘Dream Cave’
Votiv, 2013
Note: This is sophomore full-length from the Aussie quartet”On their latest album, Dream Cave (released in the U.S. by Seattle’s own Votiv label), Cloud Control digs a bit deeper and explores newer ground for them, venturing into sometimes darker and sometimes harder territory, but as with today’s featured song, “Dojo Rising”, they never lose sight of the joy that listeners were first drawn to and that new listeners will be thrilled by now.
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Red Mountain
“Put Me Through”
‘Scowl Lightly’
Chaperone, 2013
Note: And let’s not forget MPLS! “One of the newest additions to the quickly growing label Chaperone Records, Red Mountain’s genre is tough to put a finger on, but that is part of what makes their unique sound so great. It’s folk, it’s pop, it’s rock, it’s really whatever your ears interpret. “Put Me Through” is the debut single for Red Mountain and whatever you want to label it, it’s damn good. It roped me in from the opening organ and vocals, but when that bass and percussion drop, I’m completely sold.
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Juaneco y Su Combo
“La Cumbia del Pacurro”
‘Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia’
Tiger’s Milk, 2013
Note: Another great compilation gives us a peak into the past. “Stemming from a passion to discover and celebrate the diversity and quality of music produced in Peru past and present, we’re about to release our first ever album, a compilation focussing on ‘60s and ‘70s Latin and Tropical music from Peru.” You can learn more about this 1979 track on Soundcloud.
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Captured Tracks, 2013
Note: “For their second full-length release, the members of Blouse made a big decision: do away with the instruments prominently featured on their first record, instruments that “plug into the wall”, and bring into the fold real guitars, cellos and standard kits. Gone now are the drum machines and synths, an idea enforced by band member and producer Jacob Portrait. The Portland trio also recorded their album in a studio nearby a construction site, the energy of which, they say, most likely aided their album’s sound, bringing in a heightened sense of urgency and strength to the new LP.
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