@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode090 – What You Need

Episode090 - What You Need

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode090 – What You Need which features brand new sounds from RJD2, Kita Klane, Gerhardts, Wooden Shjips, Thee Oh Sees, Gang Of Youths, We Are Scientists, Beady Eye, Best Coast, Courtney Barnett, Reputante, The Person and The People, Jamestown Revival and Fey Moth


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♬Liner Notes♬: Our penultimate episode for 2013 features “What You Need” from some of the best new sounds around like RJD2, Thee Oh Sees, Best Coast, Wood Shjips, Reputante, lots of self-released EP’s and much more… Let’s Pump Up Tha Volume!

“Love and Go”
‘More Is Than Isn’t’
RJ’s Electrical Connections, 2013
Note: The amazing RJ is back on PUTV with more from his latest joint. “A little more than a decade after Deadringer came out, there’s enough music—and enough attempts at reconfiguring his style—to help you construct a picture of how all over the map RJD2’s career has been… he largely leaves the vocals to R&B singers who can do his heavy-breaks production justice, like Icebird collaborator Aaron Livingston (“Love and Go”)… the fact that the whole of More Is Than Isn’t evokes so many different well-built moods is testament to how much he’s been able to elaborate on what he’s capable of.
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Kita Klane
“Running Circles”
‘In Love With the Enemy’ EP
self-released, 2012
Note: “L.A. native & songwriting chanteusse, Kita Klane combines impetuous blues riffs & rich soulful vocals, crafting an individual sound from vintage & modern influences. Kita’s debut single “The Enemy” (produced by known tastemaker and DJ Nic Harcourt) delivers a hypnotic peek into Klane’s unique brand of soul & indie blues.
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‘Gerhardts’ EP
self-released, 2013
Note: “Although they were formed in 2009, the members of Seattle’s Gerhardts have known each other since the late ’90s, taking the musical influences they’ve absorbed throughout their friendship to make a mix of roughly melodic indie rock and second wave emo… Because they’re longtime music fans who know each other’s tastes – the blocky guitars of OK Computer-era Radiohead, shifting dynamics of Sunny Day Real Estate, and the subtly orchestrated pop craftsmanship of the Cure – their chemistry is palpable, both in the strength of their songwriting and their loose, muscular performances
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Wooden Shjips
“Everybody Knows/Ghouls”
‘Back To Land’
Thrill Jockey, 2013
Note: No, it’s not THAT “Everybody Knows“, but there’s a double shot of songs! “Back To Land, their newest, bears evidence of a possible recent Neil Young fixation. Since (2011’s) West, half of the band moved to Portland, where they recorded this one, and now there’s some lazy acoustic back-porch strumming mixed in with the highway-of-your-dreams reverb-drones. And by discovering their softer side, Wooden Shjips have made the most compulsively listenable album of their career…” Are these guys the sore thumb on Thrill Jockey?
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Thee Oh Sees
“What You Need”
‘Singles Collection Volume 3’
Castle Face, 2013
Note: No, it’s not THAT “What You Need“, but it is the fifth(!) time the super-prolific band has been on PUTV. “San Francisco garage heroes Thee Oh Sees are back with another release in 2013 to follow Floating Coffin. This time, it’s their third Singles Collection compilation, and it’s out November 26 via frontman John Dwyer’s label Castle Face. It’s got nine tracks from singles and splits, plus two live cuts (one of which is exclusive to the CD edition). Check out “What You Need”, originally from the 2011 Castle Face Group Flex book of flexi discs, above. The LP edition is getting three different vinyl color combinations…
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Gang Of Youths
“Evangelists” single
self-released, 2013
Note: “Formed in 2012, the quintet built buzz around Sydney through their demos and fervent live show… Quietly powerful in its catharsis, the band resists the urge to break out into Arcade Fire-style grandeur at the song’s peak, opting for a noisy, shouted final bridge that doesn’t need any lyrics or precision to get its sentiment across.” The Aussies will be back in the states next March opening up for fellow PUTVers MR MS!
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We Are Scientists
“Dumb Luck”
‘Business Casual’ EP
Masterswan/Dine Alone, 2013
Note: After four full-lengths, the “We Are Scientists are changing. The band have a new label, and a new appetite for making music – trying all manner of experiments in the process. What comes out will be unexpected… Opening with flailing, proto-metal guitar lines, this is visceral stuff from the New Yorkers. Pounding drums and screeching vocals, We Are Scientists have rarely seemed to alive, so alert.
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Beady Eye
“Soon Come Tomorrow”
Columbia, 2013
Note: Damn, one of those Gallagher boys snuck onto PUTV! “On their second album, Beady Eye have attempted to do what their old band never could: evolve. When it came to producers, Oasis hired craftsmen, not visionaries, because their comfort zone was exactly where their fans liked having them. Beady Eye, not having that luxury, have turned to TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, a sonic maverick who surely numbers among the least likely candidates for the task…
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Best Coast
“I Wanna Know”
‘Fade Away’ EP
Jewel City, 2013
Note: Sweetness, more new music from Bethany and Bob! And I guess the end of the year is EP time… “As her Best Coast project with Bob Bruno grows in popularity, Bethany Cosentino is becoming quite the songwriter… (“I Wanna Know” is) the cream of the Fade Away crop…is textbook Best Coast – there’s an instantaneously infectious melody, a driving surf rock vibe, and a healthy dose of heartbreak… Like all great Best Coast songs, it’s a place we’ve all been before, but here, Bethany captures the feeling like she never has before, making “I Wanna Know” simultaneously one of the catchiest Best Coast tunes and one of the most emotional.
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Courtney Barnett
“Avant Gardener”
‘The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas’
House Anxiety, 2013
Note: More music from Ms. Barnett! “Courtney Barnett makes jangly, rumpled indie-rock in the vein of Pavement or early Dylan: Wordy, wry, and anchored by the kind of poetic clarity you can only get from looking at the world askew. Peas collects EPs released in 2012 and 2013 — an informal introduction to an artist who probably has more to offer. Its music tends to be simple, its narratives more surreal: On the highly quotable “Avant Gardener,” an attempt to conquer a lazy day by planting a few seeds devolves into a panic attack, complete with ambulance. “The paramedic thinks I’m clever ’cause I play guitar,” Barnett deadpans. “I think she’s clever ’cause she stops people from dying.” Both have a point.
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“Deep Set Eyes”
‘Oceanside’ EP
Cult, 2013
Note: “Blending noirish tones with restless romanticism, New York City’s Reputante carries their home city’s sonic hallmarks with finesse… Produced by Ash’s Tim Wheeler, the band’s debut EP, Oceanside, is a slick, five-song dose of ’80s inspired . Lighter in tone than an icy-cool Johnny Jewel project but still just as hook-filled, “Deep Set Eyes” rallies around Levy’s midnight croon to slowly reveal itself as a pop gem.
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The Person and The People
“I Was Wrong”
‘Big Whoop’
self-released, 2013
Note: Say hello to the MPLS band formerly known as Messenger. “The Person & the People’s infectious indie rock is heating up this winter season. The Twin Cities band is set to release their first full-length album Big Whoop, a collection of the smartest and catchiest songs brash enough to snag your attention…
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Jamestown Revival
“California (Cast Iron Soul)”
‘The California’ EP
Wild Bunch, 2013
Note: “Texas boys Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance make up the Los Angeles based, southern-indie-roots band Jamestown Revival. The duo have just released their fantastic new EP Califorina, a collection of 3 original songs, and one perfect John Prine cover, which would be a perfect accompaniment to laid back night on the porch with a pipe and a bottle of fine whiskey… The second track “California (Cast Iron Soul)” finds the band questioning their new home and wondering what it was that drove them there in the first place as they sing “California/I don’t even know you/And you’ve taken me away from home.”
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Fey Moth
“Inside” single
self-released, 2013
Note: “Seattle’s Fey Moth keeps a low profile. In a time when artists seem to flood the internet and the streets (especially telephone poles!) with promotion and release info, this local trio, led by Piper Drake, seems to believe that less is more… “Inside”, though, is no wallflower of a song… The accompanying music is futuristic but somehow also classically hip-hop infused, with laser sounds and 808 drum beats.
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