@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode094 – Hear In You

Episode094 - Hear In You

♫Makin’ a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode094 – Hear In You which features brand new sounds from Ryan Hemsworth, Mat Zo, Poliça, Cool Ghouls, Syd Arthur, Phantogram, Robyn Hitchcock, Yellow Ostrich, Milosh, Andrew Bird, Gringo Star, Cilantro Boombox, Kins, Shout Out Louds, Jack Name, Low Frequency In Stereo, Chappo, Web Of Sunsets, Barrence Whitfield & The Savages and Friends and Family


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♬Liner Notes♬: Now THAT’s a helluva lotta music! With KUTX as our new source, these episodes can have up to 20 new tracks a week… Ya’ll ready for this?

Ryan Hemsworth
“Against A Wall” (w/ Lofty305)
‘Guilt Trips’
Last Gang, 2013
Note: Pretty Much Amazing notes, “As Nas once said (or was it Ecclesiastes?), “There’s nothing new under the sun.” And so, it’s easy to spot the influences of Ryan Hemsworth. The bubbling analogue waves of Aphex Twin. The cinematic cool jazz of DJ Shadow. The wide-eyed electro-twee of the Knife’s early works. But hey, we all have influences. It’s what we do with them that counts. On Guilt Trips, the Toronto-based producer’s debut long-player, Hemsworth crafts a bright, engaging amalgamation of his forbearers that always looks forward and rarely sounds derivative.
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Mat Zo
“Time on Your Side” (w/ Janai)
‘Damage Control’
Anjunabeats/Astralwerks, 2013
Note: In Your EDM’s track-by-track breakdown, they note that “Without hesitation, “Time on Your Side,” featuring Janai launches into a tribal beat, which builds into another upbeat house track. More pop-inclined than most of the album, the track features motivational lyrics and a catchy melody. However, this is not to discount the song. Janai’s vocals beautifully complement the music, smoothly flowing over the instrumentals and bass.” The British producer’s debut, which already scored a #1 with “Easy”, also features cameos from Chuck D, Porter Robinson and more.
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“Chain My Name”
Mom+Pop, 2013
Note: “Poliça are a band of powerful contrasts… the Minneapolis group earned breathless praise from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, who called them “the best band I’ve ever heard”… While they were on the road, the four live members of the band began creating their sophomore effort via email with Olson. The result is Shulamith, a far more direct and focused record that builds on the same R&B and trip-hop edges from [2012’s] Give You The Ghost…
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Cool Ghouls
‘Cool Ghouls’
Empty Cellar, 2012
Note: “We’ve documented, pretty frequently, the bursting neo-psych and garage (i.e. just plain cool rock ‘n’ roll) scene in San Francisco in all it’s sweaty, fuzz-toned glory. Now we’ve got another far-out band to add to that list, and they call themselves Cool Ghouls. The Bay Area boys…released their self-titled, debut record in April 2012… “Grace“ – a stomping R&B ballad off their self-titled – is another demonstration that they ain’t your average garage act.
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Syd Arthur
“Ode To The Summer”
‘On An On’
Harvest, 2012
Note: AllMusic says, “the debut long-player by British psych-rock quartet Syd Arthur, is an inspired journey not unlike Herman Hesse’s classic novel Siddhartha, to which the band’s name cheekily refers. Self-produced and recorded by the band, the album is remarkably fluid in its style and construction.
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“Black Out Days”
Republic, 2013
Note: Me and Cassie really need to jump on this boy-girl synth rock thing… “Dark synth duo Phantogram have just announced the follow-up to their 2010 debut, Eyelid Movies. It’s called Voices and comes out [Feb18] via Republic. We’ve already heard album cuts Black Out Days and Celebrating Nothing, and today we’re getting another taste with Fall In Love. It’s full of swooning, stabbing synths as Sarah Barthel brings her vocals to the height of seductive melodrama.
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Robyn Hitchcock
“Fix You”
‘Love From London’
Yep Roc, 2013
Note: Nice! Another legend added to the PUTV roster… “Amid all the fuss over David Bowie’s sudden emergence from hibernation, a new album by another eccentric sexagenarian tunesmith from London doesn’t seem likely to get all that much attention. In the case of Robyn Hitchcock’s Love from London, that’s understandable, but it’s a pity. Maybe Hitchcock should have taken ten years off, like Bowie, to build up a bit of anticipation. But Hitchcock remains as prolific as he is undervalued – Love from London is his 19th full solo album (plus three as part of the Soft Boys), and with a stream of live and other recordings surfacing rarely does more than a couple of years go by without a some new material surfacing.
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Yellow Ostrich
Barsuk, 2014
Note: “We last heard from Yellow Ostrich last fall when the Wisconsin combo released 2012′s best Ghost EP… They’ll be back with their next Barsuk full-length Cosmos in February, and from the sound of lead single “Shades,” they’ve pumped up the volume this time. Out with the splendidly spare, R&B-inflected “Ghost” sound; in with the loud guitars and groovy bass. “Shades” is a new millennial psych-rocker worthy of Tame Impala or Temples, but it also reflects Radiohead and Coldplay if you gaze upon it from the right angle.” The record comes out February 25.
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“Hear In You”
Deadly/eOne, 2013
Note: “Milosh has been producing and releasing his own music for nearly a decade via L.A.’s Plug Research, a label with an aesthetic of high-polish adult contempo grooves personified by the Toronto transplant… [Michael] Milosh’s crisp electronic soundscapes work mainly as contrast, immaculate bedding designed to melt away as his warm voice slithers in. At his best on Jetlag, Milosh builds up his tracks in the simple interest of pulling them back to let the vocal take over. The first minute of “Hear in You” is a perfect example of this. The first minute of the song is pieced together from the Junior Boys/Apparat template of chilly electro-pop…” AND he’s also the frontman for Rhye!
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Andrew Bird
“Ethio Invention No. 1”
‘I Want To See Pulaski At Night’ EP
Grimsey, 2013
Note: We heard the title track from Bird’s new EP on Episode091, now here’s one of its lengthy instrumental pieces. Paste says, “on his new EP, the prolific, fiddle-touting, whistling Bird creates a cinematic musical experience that opens itself to both individual interpretation and universal experience… Bird places the title track in the middle of the seven-song EP and frames it with an instrumental score. The layered violins of “Ethio Invention No. 1”…foreshadow the jauntiness and narrative tension…
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Gringo Star
“Find a Love”
‘Floating Out To See’
My Anxious Mouth, Inc., 2013
Note: “The Atlanta trio has two records worth of trippy pop rock behind them, and their third, Floating Out To See, keeps the nostalgic mojo going… The band is anything but subtle in its irreverence, so much so that it borders on over the top. Between the girl group harmonies on tracks like “Find A Love”…the band’s collective tongue couldn’t be planted more firmly in its cheek.
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Cilantro Boombox
“Last Call”
‘Cilantro Boombox’
self-released, 2012
Note: “Bassist-slash-DJ-slash-producer Felix…Pacheco produced Cilantro Boombox’s self-titled debut (released in fall 2013) himself with mixing help from Adrian Quesada. The album’s fusion of Latin rhythms and melodies with chilled-out electronica and jazz is just plain cool. It’s the soundtrack to your night at a dark club where the booths are plush, the drinks are good, and the company’s even better. The track that epitomizes the sensuous vibes is the album’s single, “Last Call.”
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Easy City, 2013
Note: “Brighton’s Kins have offered up the surprise release of their debut album. The self-titled debut is streaming on Soundcloud, also available to purchase on iTunes. The Neu favourites are releasing the debut on East City records. It contains previously unveiled tracks ‘Break Ties’ and ‘Post Tropical Storm’, the rest of the LP showcasing new material. For those unacquainted, the band consists of former Aussie residents who now reside in Brighton. Much of this debut skitters the surface of pop experimentation; think Alt-J with a vengeance.
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Shout Out Louds
Merge, 2013
Note: Last heard on our ‘Best Of 2013’ mixtape, the superpop Swedes returns with more… ““Disney on drugs”? A record “like warm mayonnaise”? That’s how Stockholm’s Shout Out Louds are underselling their fourth album. Layers of psychedelic brass and pastoral strings create a psych-pop gateau… It’s delivered with panache, and come the warped sonic pop of ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Circles’ they’re sounding, alright, not unlike bathing in warm mayonnaise. OK, at Disneyland. Yes, on drugs.
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Jack Name
“Pure Terror”
‘Light Show’
God?/Drag City, 2014
Note: “Jack Name is John Webster John, touring guitarist for White Fence. And though this is a new moniker, John has been dishing out excellent psych-pop for quite a while now. “Pure Terror” is the first single off his upcoming debut album under the moniker and is an appropriately heady torch song.” Meanwhile, some folks are asking: Isn’t this song EXACTLY like “Science Fiction Double Feature“?
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Low Frequency In Stereo
“Colette (Subie Subie)”
‘Pop Obskura’
Long Branch, 2013
Note: “Described as “the band with one foot in Pompei and one in Space”, The Low Frequency In Stereo have been an active outfit for over a decade; slowly building up a strong reputation outside of their native Norway… ‘Colette (Subie Subie)’ is much more distinctive, with girl group harmonies weaving in and out of stabbing keyboards and what sounds like obscure science fiction noises… As it happens, the “pop” part of the title is entirely appropriate which makes one think of a Scandinavian Stereolab but without the unnecessarily long, drawn-out bits. Furthermore, with that band on indefinite hiatus the sci-fi/retro-futurist crown is theirs for the taking.
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“I Don’t Need the Sun”
‘Future Former Self’
+1, 2014
Note: “The first track off of Chappo’s new LP Future Former Self is a three and a half-minute wave of relaxation called “I Don’t Need The Sun,”… The Brooklyn-based foursome is set to release the follow-up to 2012′s Moonwater in March, and with their continued musical growth the fellas are poised for greatness. The band tells us that Future Former Self is actually a concept album that follows one man’s journey through a black hole.
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Web Of Sunsets
“Foreign Bodies”
‘Room of Monsters’
End of Time, 2014
Note: “Early last spring, local [Minneapolis] three-piece Web of Sunsets — including Sarah Nienaber of Gospel Gossip and Is/Is, plus Sarah Bischoff and Chris Rose of Heavy Deeds — made a splash with their debut seven-inch, “Fool’s Melodies.” For most of the months since then, the band has been hard at work behind the scenes, putting together their first-ever full-length. Today we get a taste of what they’ve been working on with the release of a new single, “Foreign Body,” plus the announcement that Room of Monsters will drop next month on End of Time records.” We heard that previous single, “Fool’s Melodies” back on Episode055, so we’ve got these guys covered!
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Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
“The Corner Man”
‘Dig Thy Savage Soul’
Bloodshot, 2013
Note: Boston brings the ruckus! “Barrence Whitfield and the Savages’ upcoming album Dig Thy Savage Soul (out Aug. 13) is the rock and R&B group’s first American release in about 20 years, and a fierce next chapter for the raucous soul and rockabilly-influenced band.
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Friends and Family
“Green and Yellow Basket”
‘Happy, Good-Looking, and in Love’
self-released, 2013
Note: “The eight-piece Seattle group has huge harmonies and huge heart… The song “Green and Yellow Basket” rises and falls like the hammer wielded by the giant outside the Seattle Art Museum. Its big swells test the strength of one’s constitution and yet are also somehow like a garden full with aromas and what’s gentle. Violins, snares, French horn, a triumphant bass line – these are the components of Friends and Family.
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