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Episode190 – New Ways w/brand new music by Dr. Dog, Flume, Pretty Sister, Daughter and The Thermals

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♬Liner Notes♬: Sorry we took a week off… we’re thinking about how to best keep this show going – while all the other new media from the monarchy is cranking. We now play a new song at the end of every #MorningMonarchy and we play another hour of #MixlrMusic every week day at noon PT, as well. But PUTV is new music-only… We may have to go back to doing it live! Subscribe to the feed so you don’t miss a thing: https://mediamonarchy.com/feed Thanks!

Dr. Dog
“Bring My Baby Back”
‘The Psychedelic Swamp’
ANTI-, 2016
Notes: “…Dr. Dog announced that they were going to re-record and re-release their debut album, 2001’s The Psychedelic Swamp. It took the band an odd decade-and-a-half to really pin down their lineup, their sound, and their approach: the nostalgic simplicity that smacks of the American south, combined with a tastefully subdued electronic touch, all bathed in a collage of ethereal, ambience-sounds the likes of which you can only achieve with masterful studio engineering…It’s Dr. Dog‘s second time around on PUTV.

“Never Be Like You” (w/Kai)
Mom + Pop, 2016
Notes: “Flume has released ‘Never Be Like You’ featuring Kai, the first single from his upcoming ‘Skin’ album. “Kai and I were sending ideas back and forth online, then met up in NYC and went into the studio,” Flume said. “We laid down some chords and started an idea but weren’t feeling inspired. So we went out into the night for a few hours and when we returned, it all started to come together.” Kai has written for Jessie J, Rihanna and Janelle Monae as well as featuring on tracks by Diplo, Jack U and Childish Gambino. It’s the third time for Flume on the show.

Pretty Sister
self-released, 2016
Notes: “Pretty Sister is the new project by neo-funkster Zak Waters. He claims the new sonic concept was “born on the northbound 405 Freeway in a 1968 Buick LeSabre… old-school nostalgia in the smogged-up air” and his debut single, “Drive,” is the “first taste of the future flavor of the West Coast” –and we agreed. The super single is a buoyant blend of sharp synths, trap-claps, guitar grooves, and Waters’ reliably sexy falsetto. The era of “Z-funk” has begun.

“New Ways”
‘Not to Disappear’
Glassnote, 2016
Notes: “Melancholy in all the best ways, Daughter is back with “New Ways,” a song even more ‘Daughter’ than we were ready for. Hypnotic and mesmerizing and raw, “New Ways” takes a leap from the band’s usual broken down and organic guitar plucking (cc: Wild Youth,) and migrates toward a trancelike nirvana. For the majority of music fans already keen to Daughter’s mournful tunes, the release of Not to Disappear was long anticipated and a breath fresh (crisp, cold, lonely) air. Listening to the album all the way through is a steady yet heart-wrenching ride, familiar and brand new all at the same time.It’s Daughter‘s fourth time on PUTV.

The Thermals
“Hey You”
‘We Disappear’
Saddle Creek, 2016
Notes: “Portland punks The Thermals cite this lamentable loss of basic human privacy on their upcoming We Disappear, the seventh album out of the trio of Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster, and Westin Glass. “Our privacy used to be so important to us and now everything has changed – we freely offer once private information about relationships and reveal everything about our day-to-day lives,” Harris exclaims… We Disappear was produced by former Death Cab-er and producerial legend Chris Walla…Only the second spin for PDX’s The Thermals on our show? I did meet Kathy back at my old grocery job once though…

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