Radio Tales of the Strange & Fantastic

Radio Tales of the Strange & FantasticAnother great website for old science fiction and fantasy in mp3 is Radio Tales of the Strange & Fantastic (RTSF). Universe, a 1941 novella by Robert Heinlein, published in 1951 as a popular paperback and already familiar to the public when it aired as an episode of X Minus One. On May 15, 1955, the audience listens to an exceptionally curious young man, Hugh Hoyland, who encounters a mutant leader and learns the ship’s true purpose when taken to the bridge and shown the Universe. The story is an excellent allegory of purpose and falling into purposelessness and the drive to finish the trip,” as Hoyland put it. A complete script of George Lefferts’ radio adaptation is available here and widely departs from the novella’s plot. Are you a loyal believer or a heretic? Universe is well done, highly entertaining and a must listen at RTSF!

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