‘rally for the right to know’: educating the masses about gmo’s

'rally for the right to know': educating the masses about gmo'sfrom natural news: On March 26th 2011, social activists and other activist organizations plan to unite at “The Rally for the Right to Know” in Washington, DC. They will gather before the eyes of law makers to do what the FDA, USDA and other government food overlords refuse to do and what Congress refuses to make them do: educate the public about what they are really eating. By informing passersby about the genetically modified ingredients in their food, they hope newly informed consumers will join their ranks to demand the independent scientific study of and labeling of genetically modified foods, as well as protection for organic farmers from cross contamination and the loss of organic markets. In conjunction with the rally in DC, rallies are being held in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin. Additional rallies continue to crop up across the US and there is the hope that every state will hold a “Rally for the Right to Know.”


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