Rare, Tiny Neutrinos May Have Huge Implications for Astronomy

Rare Tiny Neutrinos May Have Huge Implications for Astronomyfrom latimes.com: The 28 subatomic particles from deep space detected within an Antarctic glacier are mysterious and extremely powerful, suggesting a new way of looking at the universe, scientists say. Together, they contain a tiny fraction of the mass of a single electron. But the 28 neutrinos from deep space detected by an icy observatory beneath the South Pole promise a revolution in the study of the universe, scientists said Thursday. The elusive subatomic particles discovered by an international team of astrophysicists are the first ones from outside the solar system to be observed in 26 years, according to a report in the journal Science. The find opens a new window onto the universe, one that researchers say will usher in a new era of astronomy.

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