‘read a book, read a book, read a mutha#@%*in book’

from hiphopdx: Even with changes in programming, BET can’t escape media and public criticism.

This time, the target is the animated short devoted to literacy, “Read a Book“.

Recently, two of the nation’s largest newspapers, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times covered the video, which has been accused of playing up to the most vile racial stereotypes about African Americans.

“Introduced on July 20, ‘Read a Book,’ seems to flaunt every negative stereotype in the African-American community,” The New York Times article says of the video.

Representatives from BET responded, calling the video satire.

“It’s meant to be very satirical, and in a real way kind of mimics and mocks the current state of hip-hop and hip-hop videos,” Denys Cowan, senior vice president of animation for BET said of the piece…

Lines such as “read a book, read a book read a mutha fuckin book… not a sports page, not a magazine, but a book nigga, a fuckin book nigga,” dominate the song.

Parenting, the value of buying land over material items, and good hygiene are also touched on.

But not everyone is laughing.

While the song has been lauded by many in the Hip Hop community, the new millennium Thought Police are hot on the trail of BET and “Read a Book”.

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