real taliban distance themselves from P2OG taliban

real taliban distance themselves from P2OG talibanfrom kurt nimmo: Lost in the corporate media fluff surrounding the supposed suicide attempt of Dallas Cowboys’ star receiver Terrell Owens and the sorrows of Anna Nicole Smith, we learn that the fanatical Wahhabi Taliban, wholly artificial creatures groomed in CIA-ISI sponsored madrassas in Pakistan, are “worried about their image” and are attempting to “distance themselves from the suicide bombers,” according to the Herald.

“The number of suicide bombings and roadside booby-trap blasts in Afghanistan has soared by 600% in nine months, triggering fears that the Taliban are copying Iraqi insurgent tactics.” NATO officers and UN officials “say there is no proven link to either Iraqi insurgents or Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and that bomb-making techniques could be picked up from extremist websites.”

In other words, a black op “foreign Taliban” appears to be at work in Afghanistan, busily attempting to discredit the real Taliban, who are making gains against the occupation of their country.

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