remedy radio: episode010 – james corbett: a responsible voice

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remedy radio: episode010 - james corbett: a responsible voiceThis episode of Remedy Radio, Episode 010 – James Corbett: A Responsible Voice For Independent Journalism, allows us to connect with James, who runs, an in-depth news analysis and commentary podcast site. Corbett, a Canadian teaching english in Japan, has spent the last 5 years learning about and sharing his thoughtful analysis of world events and forensic history – doing so with consistency, consideration and quality.

With hundreds of interviews and podcasts and millions of listens or views of his work, James has been featured on the Alex Jones show, Russia Today News, Centre for Global Research, and many other high-profile programs. He also co-hosts “New World Next Week”, a weekly video podcast with James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy over at James Corbett continues to be a strong rational voice for truth, civil discourse, and improving the situation of the world. Please support his work over at

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a responsible voice for independent journalism

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