‘rendlesham revealed’ ufo special from bbc

'rendlesham revealed' ufo special from bbcMark Murphy and Lesley Dolphin host two hour BBC Suffolk UFO Special “Rendlesham Revealed” available online a few days only. Thirty year anniversary special features Nick Pope, former head of British Ministry of Defence’s UFO project, and many witnesses from the December 26, 1980 incident, Boxing Day in the UK. Rendlesham revealed was recorded live from Cold War Museum, the former Bentwaters Air Base that borders the forest. Deputy Base Commander Charles Halt’s audio recording of the incident, originally released to the public in 1984, gets played and reviewed.

Rendlesham revealed attempts to pass off the incident as a cover up of US airmen’s prank, who flew a helicopter with an Apollo module suspended below through the forest that crisp winter night. It’s the British version of weather balloon tripe! There are also the Oxford Ness lighthouse and break up of Russian rocket theories. It’s interesting to note, witnesses stlll firmly believe it’s a UFO, since they’ve not seen anything like it. A very entertaining show to just curl up with a hot cocoa and listen in suspense as you suspend your judgment.

update: ufo files reveal ‘rendlesham incident’ papers missing

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