Reptilian Conspiracy: Ventura 1 Icke 0

Host Jesse Ventura takes on The Creepy Reptilian Conspiracy Theory on Conspiracy Theory. Tracy Twyman informs viewers of more esoteric aspect of the Divine Right Rule (of Kings),” a belief royal bloodlines are result of interbreeding with Reptilian extra-terrestrials, who first brought civilization to man- kind. The highlight of episode is genuinely heated debate between Ventura and David Icke, the leading purveyor of a Reptilian Agenda. The biggest surprise was Icke, uncharacterically at a loss for words, leaving impression he was cowed in face-to-face presence of Ventura! Ground Zero Live host Clyde Lewis makes appearance to provide details of author Susan Reed, who revealed personal relationship with a Reptilian in book, The Body Snatchers.” Conspiracy Theory gets cheesy, at times, but much still to take away from program! Puppet masters running world do seem inhuman, but are they actually alien in origin?

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