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  1. James Laffrey Avatar

    On this "research" links page and your other Links page, you have listed many links that are useful — even though many of them refuse to follow the money all the way to the top and refuse to follow the power chain all the way to the top. And not one of them, as far as I know at this time, offers a practical Solution.

    So, how about posting a link to a site that is
    – totally honest
    – follows the money all the way to the top
    – follows the power chain all the way to the top
    – AND offers a practical, nonviolent, American SOLUTION.


    We already have links to you and CorbettReport.com, and we provide a good description of what you do.

    James Laffrey

  2. concerned property owner Avatar
    concerned property owner

    Dear James,
    heres one for today's news…12-14-2011
    The Dakotas states now have their own droan<…
    A ranching family was centered to have their lives threatened to make a point about using the freakn droans to get info on locals and spy on them. The articles text doesn't explain the whole story. They say the family refused to turnover the trespassing cows and that justified the use of a spy craft and to force them to surrender under nefarious circumstances. This is the new law enforcement. Where are our professionals in all this?

  3. concerned property owner Avatar
    concerned property owner

    Of course you do not need to publish it!!
    Just make sure that you are following this local stuff for us. We are gonna have to wait till the other shoe drops before there is any outtake. They are and have broken the laws of the land and time will tell how much we will tolerate. At this point there is no turning back. They have created this mess by violating the rules of engagement with the amerikan people. We need to find exactly when this happened and follow the changes from there. Once the violation occurred anything there after is just more charges. The first time the violations happened is where we will want to start. This would show the amerikan people where they went south and to whom to start rounding up. Once it was done once, they continued to rip it up. Anything changed after this first intrusion is obsolete and until we find this in contempt of our rights they will continue to frolic. My thinking is that after the first attempt to change my rights the law was violated and we need to bring it to the open, racking everything after that as unconstitutional and not representative of our AMERIKAN RIGHTS. These violations make anything after the first one not relevant to a US citizen. Under the constitution we are given anything left to us and they can not be touched…in any way! Also once a right is left to us like when they make one that wasn't outlined before, is now ours and they can never touch it. In that case woudn't it be said that any rights not outlined then are ours and can not be changed in any way. Do we have a list of rights given us by the gov that are extra to any that were originally outlined? I think so!!!

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