Rockefeller: “I Wouldn’t Drink That Water If You Paid Me”

WV Residents Still Wary of Water After Chemical Leak
from It was a half-day for the students at Grandview Elementary in North Charleston, West Virginia, Monday, and it wasn’t in observance of George Washington’s birthday. Teachers at the school reported smelling a licorice-like chemical odor this morning, a lingering problem since last month’s chemical spill in the nearby Elk River. The spill left 300,000 people without access to clean water last month. The smell was enough to send students home for the day, after complaints of headaches. Government authorities have been arguing the water is safe for drinking, despite real fear in the community. The national guard is now re-testing the water at the school. Charleston West Virginia Mayor Danny Jones says he is drinking out of the tap at his house. But Senator Jay Rockefeller, D-West Virginia, said: “I wouldn’t drink that water if you paid me.

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