‘ron paul for the long haul’

here’s another hot track from roy shivers, aka daniel abrahamson
of false flag news… go here for the lyrics:

Hillary Clinton is big-money pimpin
With the cash that the corporations goin insane
Cuz she’s Bilderberg CFR pro-war scumbag
She’s plannin on invading Iran we better run fast
Lady Clinton wanna manage a police state
Pan-American she bring death like cheesesteak
Barack Obama wanna bomb Iran
But he pretends he’s an anti-war kinda man
Hasnt said a damn thing about the Patriot Act
Or the fact that most people live in one-room shacks
Or the fact that our economy’s about to collapse
And the fact that most whites won’t vote for a black
And besides, he’s a gun-control free-trade pro-tax
More-war still takes AIPAC kick-backs
Like John Edwards a tool of the
Israeli war-crime clean-break murder…
We need Ron Paul, for the long haul.
Cuz he’ll stop all the wars where the bombs fall
So it’s Ron Paul, we gotta stand tall
Every other politician made the wrong call
Passed the wrong laws, we need a long pause
From the lies, thats why we need Ron Paul
We need truth like the border needs a strong wall
RonPaul2008.com, ya’ll

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