ron paul: giuliani dropout & the federal reserve

ron paul predicts giuliani dropout
ron paul predicts giuliani dropoutfrom paul joseph watson: Congressman Ron Paul hailed his second place in Nevada, letting the establishment media who have tried to censor his message know that “there is no stopping us” as he encouraged supporters to donate to his campaign coffers on Martin Luther King day and predicted that former frontrunner Rudy Giuliani would soon drop out of the Republican contest.

rudy giuliani’s losing ways continue against ron paul
from stop lying: What do Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul have in common? Neither has won a primary or caucus, the difference being that Giuliani was expected to challenge and even win the Republican nomination while Paul has been labeled as a fringe candidate with no chance of winning. With a second place finish in Nevada, Paul is building momentum for Florida and Super Tuesday. Giuliani is going in the opposite direction and is staking his whole campaign on winning Florida, but he is fading fast.

paul blames federal reserve for economy’s woes
paul blames federal reserve for economy's woesfrom ap: Ron Paul, a long-shot Republican presidential contender and Texas congressman, said Monday that the Federal Reserve is to blame for the country’s weakening economy. Paul highlighted his economic remedies – abolishing the federal income tax and returning to the gold standard, among them – on a three-city tour of Louisiana.

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