ron paul on the colbert report

here is another great interview with ron paul on the colbert report from june 13, 2007.

from raw story: Paul explained that he is against wars because they only increase government power and he is against every form of big government. As Colbert read out a list, Paul raised his hand higher and higher to agree he would abolish the Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, the IRS, FEMA, the UN, NATO, the Interstate Commerce Commission, NAFTA, the WTO — and even UNICEF, though not so much, “It wouldn’t be one of my targets,” he said.

At The Largest Minority, Manila Ryce blogs, “Stephen gave Republican candidate Ron Paul credit where credit is due, pointing out the similarities libertarians have with liberals, in opposing the war and The Patriot Act.”

“And though Colbert was respectful, he did not let Paul get away as easily as fellow liberals Stewart and Maher have,” Ryce continues. “Instead, he pointed out the differences between Paul’s far-right ideology and that held by the left. Stephen’s audience obviously wanted to cheer for Paul, but seemed thoroughly confused after they realized that the enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend.”

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