ron paul on the rogers report

from blacklisted news/rogue government: Lee Rogers interviews Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul about a myriad of issues in this interview. Lee discusses the following topics with Dr. Paul in this half hour interview. (from june 22, 2007)

here are the links for the rest of the interview:
part 2, part 3 & part 4

update1: ron paul praises convicted tax evaders
from wcax/ap: New Hampshire’s convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown have gained a new supporter: presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

In an interview with, the Texas congressman compares the Browns to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Junior. He says the Browns are suffering like those leaders.

The Browns are holed up in their Plainfield (New Hampshire) home and have threatened violence against federal officials if marshals come to arrest them. They were convicted of an elaborate scheme to hide millions of dollars in income. Their protest has become a rallying cry for anti-tax activists and militia members.

update2: ron paul denies report he praised the browns

from boston globe: Texas Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul said he did not compare a New Hampshire couple who refuses to pay taxes with Gandhi.

On Fox News Channel today, Paul said he doesn’t know much about the case of Ed and Elaine Brown on Plainfield, N.H. but that he, like Ghandi, doesn’t believe in violence to protest wrongs and it has appeared that the Browns have chosen another path.

His comments on Fox News were consistent with what he said in an interview with the Globe during his first visit to New Hampshire in the winter.

The Browns are currently holed up in their residence surrounded by US Marshalls. They said they will either die or go free, but say they will not pay their taxes because they believe their are unconstitutional.

The Associated Press put up a report on from (ed: why, when it comes to bloggers, can’t major news outlets check the source? if they even cite them at all, it’s mangled or misspelled. it’s ROGUE, not ROUGE!) that quoted Paul as saying the Browns were like Gandhi.

so, i went back and watched part1 of the rogers report interview… and i have to concede that ron paul seems to compare the browns to mlk & gandhi. we could argue about the semantics of it, but just watch the video and decide for yourself…

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