ron paul remains longshot for gop nomination

(this is a pretty fair piece by the ap. what’s interesting is that they have to try and keep reminding us that he’s an ‘underdog,’ he can’t win. is the MSM trying to convince us or themselves? you’ll notice they don’t have to keep telling us that hunter, tancredo or thompson are ‘longshots’…)

ron paul remains longshot for gop nominationfrom ap/yahoo: Ron Paul may be the political butterfly of the 2008 presidential campaign. An obscure congressman from Southeast Texas for most of his political career, Paul has metamorphosed into the favorite of those looking for a candidate outside the political mainstream…

As comedian Stephen Colbert put it when Paul appeared in June on his mock right-wing talk show, “You are an enigma wrapped in a riddle nestled in a sesame seed bun of mystery.”

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