ron paul: they’re working on a one world government

from fox: “And there will be a realignment and there is a struggle going on with us who believe that we should have national sovereignty, we should be out of the U.N., out of the World Bank, out of the IMF, in no world government. But that is the movement that we’re going in, that’s the direction we’re going in. But others are planning to go one step further. They weren’t satisfied with the Bretton Woods; they weren’t satisfied with the dollar standard. Now, they want to probably modify the special drawing rights of the IMF which they tried and then failed, but they want to control capital and they want to control the natural resources of the world. So — and they’re not — they’re not nationalistic at all. They believe in world government.”

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    Someone posted this link on, I think it is a clip of RP giving a speech during some hearings and CNBC went to commercial because the truth was too much for the public to handle. Enjoi

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