ron paul: what if the american people learned the truth?

from lew rockwell: This is one of the most powerful messages ever delivered by anyone on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Ron Paul‘s searing series of questions cuts through the lies, evasions, fabrications, and untruths at the heart of the regime. This four minute statement is the courageous summation of all he’s seen and spoken of in his over thirty years as the conscience of America. For how long and at what dire peril can the nation continue to ignore these long festering buried truths he exposes? I have never been more proud to be a supporter of Dr. Paul than after hearing and seeing him today.

and here are even more videos from dr paul… dr paul on the senate stimulus ‘compromise’, ron paul slams ‘born-again budget conservatives’, ron paul: stimulus ‘waste of money’ & ron paul talks about the banksters in ’88 interview

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