ron paul wins freedomworks straw poll

ron paul wins freedomworks straw pollfrom business wire: FreedomWorks officially closed its Republican Presidential Straw Poll early this morning after 16,371 limited government conservatives cast their votes over 3 days of polling. Texas Representative Ron Paul won by a wide margin with 56 percent of the vote.

Senator Fred Thompson snatched the second place position, with Duncan Hunter taking third. The FreedomWorks Straw Poll provides the most complete view of the limited government movement heading into the Iowa Straw Poll on August 11th. For complete results, visit

FreedomWorks launched this Straw Poll to gauge the opinions of the economic conservative community… Voters had a choice of one of the eleven current and likely future candidates in the race for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008.

The FreedomWorks GOP Straw Poll was engineered to allow for only one vote per e-mail address, and all email addresses had to be validated to count in the poll, making it one of the most accurate online polls.

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