Rosslyn Chapel: A Treasure In Stone

A BBC Documentary, “Rosslyn Chapel: A Treasure in Stone,” brings exquisite history and current restoration work to viewers. William St. Clair founded the chapel built in 1446.

“Art historian Helen Rosslyn, whose husband’s ancestor built the chapel over 500 years ago, is the guide on a journey of discovery around this perfect gem of a building. Extraordinary carvings of green men, inverted angels and mysterious masonic marks beg the questions of where these images come from and who were the stonemasons that created them? Helen’s search leads her across Scotland and to Normandy in search of the creators of this medieval masterpiece,”

informs the YouTube summary.

It’s about as good a tour as you’re going to get of Rosslyn Chapel. Viewers really get feel for central role of stone masonry work in Medieval Europe. Chapel remains certainly a treasure in stone, but what about rumored treasures secreted there?

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