russia seizes US weapons in georgia amidst ‘aid’ shipment

russia seizes arsenal of US weapons in georgia
from nasdaq: Russian forces have seized a “large arsenal” of U.S.-made weapons in the western Georgian city of Senaki including hundreds of assault rifles, a military spokesman said Friday. “In Senaki, we seized a large arsenal of weapons including 664 U.S.-made M-16 rifles” and a number of M-40 sniper rifles, General Anatoly Nogovitsyn told a news conference in Moscow. “There were 1,728 weapons total.”

bush sends US military to georgia
bush sends US military to georgiafrom dpa: President George W Bush announced Wednesday that the US military was heading for Georgia to deliver humanitarian aid, establishing an American presence in the region and sending a clear signal to Russia that it is time for the conflict to end. The first C-17 cargo plane landed late Wednesday in Georgia, and more planes and US Navy vessels were on the way to provide food, medicine and other supplies in a “vigorous and ongoing” effort to demonstrate “solidarity” with the Georgian people, Mr Bush said. Washington’s plans don’t include sending combat aircraft or warships, but the move brings the US military into close proximity with Russian military forces, which are reportedly continuing to advance ever deeper into Georgian territory despite a declared cease-fire.

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