Saint Hicks: 20 Years After Death of Bill Hicks, Legend Secured

I will always remember seeing Bill Hicks back on the original Comedy Channel‘s “Short Attention Span Theater” in the early 90’s. Even as a young teenager, I knew I was seeing something special, someone whose ‘comedy’ spoke more truth than any news show or fake leader ever did. Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and then, Bill Hicks… May goldfish leave Lincoln Logs in your sock drawer!

Video: Bill Hicks on the ‘Miracle’ of Childbirth
from In this previously unseen footage from the Hicks family archive, filmed at the Laff Stop in Austin in 1991, Bill Hicks explains why children are smarter than adults. Twenty years on from the standup’s death, let us know what you think about his legacy. Plus, watch more exclusive footage: Bill Hicks on religious cults.

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