sam donaldson is a jfk truther

from huffington post: Asked to reflect upon the coming end of Fidel Castro’s time and regime in Cuba, longtime ABC newsman Sam Donaldson had one last request: to be beside Castro’s bedside to ask if he was responsible for John F. Kennedy’s assassination. “You mentioned the assassination,” Donaldson, appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday [apr19] said in reference to early conversation about the shooting of JFK. “In his dying breath I’d like to be at [Castro’s] bedside and say, did you do it? Meaning November 22, 1963.” A few co-panelists expressed playful shock with Donaldson’s conspiratorial yarn. “Oh, my goodness,” said Peggy Noonan, sifting her fingers through her hair. “Come on, Sam,” added Cokie Roberts. “Wait a moment,” Donaldson responded. “I think it is still open.”

flashback: bill o’reilly is a jfk truther

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