San Antonio Radio Station to ‘Debut’ Artificially Intelligent Robot DJ

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San Antonio Radio Station to ‘Debut’ Artificially Intelligent Robot DJfrom nbcsandiego: A San Antonio radio station is putting artificial intelligence behind the microphone. “Denise,” a computer program that can give the weather, play music and even tell jokes, takes to the airwaves next week on station KROV. She needs help from a scriptwriter, but at a cost of $200 is a lot cheaper than hiring a fulltime human staff, says Dominique Garcia, the radio personality who bought and programmed Denise. “A lot of radio DJs are pretty upset with me because it does work,” Garcia told MSNBC’s John Roach. Denise can’t fill airspace by herself and sounds a “tad robotic,” Garcia acknowledges. But she also won’t stick her foot in her mouth, say things that inspire boycotts or command a big salary. She won’t even need restroom breaks. “The idea and concept was never meant to blatantly disrespect any of my colleagues by creating a situation in which would place their jobs in jeopardy,” Gacia blogged on “My intention was solely to reinvent a possible new method of automation.”

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    This is actually a good idea….if properly applied. A real living human DJ can have one of these programmed to replicate themselves in case the real DJ needs a day off or in cases of emergency. These can also be used as "co-hosts" if complex enough to interact and respond to real time input. But just like the brew ha ha over automation in the manufacture of vehicles…the idea is great, the benefits are good, but the end result was a lot of assembly workers loosing their careers almost overnight. Technology can supplement our lives..but should NEVER replace us.

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