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Iran Freedom Support Act Targets China & Russia
from shortnews: President Bush signed in the Iran Freedom Support Act, which just finished passing through Congress. This act imposes sanctions against countries that provide support for an Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Russia is assisting Iran in the building of a nuclear reactor at Bushehr and China stands accused of providing Iran with advanced missile technology. Both have used their UN Security Council positions to prevent international sanctions against Iran.

The act is in-place until Iran suspends its Uranium enrichment program permanently or when the target countries cease to provide support to Iran. Pro-democracy TV & radio that can broadcast into Iran may also be eligible for grants under this act.

Iran Says Russia May Help Resolve Nuclear Standoff
from mosnews: Iranian National Security Council head Ali Larijani has expressed the hope that Russia would settle the dispute over Iran’s controversial nuclear program, the DPA news agency reports.

“Both of us have agreed that solving the situation through negotiations is possible and we hope that Russia can help us in this direction,” Larijani said Tuesday at a joint press conference with Russia’s Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov.

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