Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Trafficking and Murder in Omaha, NE

Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Trafficking and Murder in Omaha, NEVideos surfaced on the internet in 2008 from a survivor whose father was “…a performing high priest in a cult that was practicing in Omaha NE during the 60′s and 70′s… “ according to the victim’s website, David Shurter, a satanic ritual abuse (SRA) victim, relates his involvement in an organized cult in several self-produced videos. Shurter believes many people he encountered in the 1980s, as a young gay in downtown Omaha and in his father’s cult, were involved in the Franklin Credit Union Scandal. You can download The Franklin Cover Up” by John DeCamp, if unfamiliar with one of the most corrupt scandals in US history. DeCamp had written the book as an insurance policy on his life on the advice of a former CIA chief.

Shurter suspects his father abducted children for ritual sacrifice and acts as a tour guide in A Video Explanation of Events at Hummel Park,” where the pavillion and the grand staircase played central roles (pictured) at the very edge of North Omaha. It appears references to Lt Col. Michael Aquino and his participation have been removed. It’s rumored Aquino was a major programmer at Offutt AFB. The videos are online again after an extended absence, so watch these first hand accounts while available. A link to part 2 is provided here. Shurter relates, as the tour progresses, his consumption of human flesh and belief, “where so many murders have taken place [in Hummel Park] it has been ridiculous”. The remains of 12 year old Amber Marie Harris were found in the park in 2006 as one of the most recent “events”. The SRA victim clearly conveys how disturbing he still finds his participation, decades later. Here are links to what others say about Hummel Park and its past. A second take on the park’s history is provided here.

The Franklin Credit Union was, possibly, a source of funds for CIA black ops and money laundering of illicit hard cash brought in from child and drug trafficking. The driving force for this arrangement was the Iran-Contra scandal, and the CIA’s need for money to fund operations after the Boland Amendent, had cut off federal money for use in clandestine operations. Omaha’s Larry King, who often transported children by plane across country, reported to have given Lt Col Aquino a suitcase of bonds at one point during the scandal as related here by Ted Gunderson. A former FBI man brought in to discredit DeCamp, Gunderson found instead the same corruption. Aquino, a mind control programmer at Offutt AFB, where King is reported to have taken children, reeks of government involvement!

In the past, Shurter has also related elsewhere, his forced participation in deadly games of hide and seek in tunnels beneath a white Victorian-era North Omaha home, by the seventies, converted into a funeral parlor. George H W Bush is fingered by Shurter as supervising activities, at the time, he was CIA Director. Bush Sr.was also reported to be in a photograph alongside Larry King, displayed proudly on the wall of the King home.

Shurter shows in two more videos how Omaha Police Chief, at the time, Robert Wadman had to be in the know as much illicit activity took place within view of the Police Station. Please take a Walking Tour of Pedophile Heaven, Part One and Part Two.   Wadman moved on to other police departments, including a stint in Wilmington, NC, where similar corruption followed close behind. You can view an essay written by Katherine Bell Moore on the corruption in Whilmington. Wadman is a Mormon, who currently teaches Law in Utah at Weber State, he has unsuccessfully sued John DeCamp and Alex Constantine’s publisher, Feral House.

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