satanists: col russell williams and college buddy paul bernardo

satanists: col russell williams and college buddy paul bernardo Col. Russell Wiliams commanded Canada’s largest Air Force base until arrested for the serial murder of two women, last year. Henry Makow reports on unsavory aspects of these crimes in article, Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanists?. Makow works to remind readers Williams and Paul Bernardo were friends back in the eighties while in college. Bernardo convicted for his crimes over two decades ago. Makow writes, “What the Bernardo trial covered up and the newspaper ignored, is that Bernardo’s murders were satanic in nature. They were so horrific that the trial proceedings were made secret. Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka filmed the murders as snuff films for the entertainment of a network of elite Illuminati Satanists. This is the real reason the trial was hit with a publication ban…The police speculated that the two may have ‘competed’ against each other in terms of sex crimes.”  Makow leaves the accusation an open question with a question mark in the title, but facts of the case heavily insinuate cult activity!

Makow wants to hit home a message just as true in America, “Canadians will continue to be baffled until they realize that such events, including cases of missing persons and child molestation, are symptomatic of the presence of a satanic cult, the Illuminati, subverting ‘respectable’ society. This is true of most countries.” It’s the sad and lamentable truth!

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