Saturn’s Newborn: Scientists Say Planet’s Ring May Give Birth to Baby Moon

from Scientists believe a tiny satellite is emerging from the edge of
Saturn’s ring system. A disturbance in the planet’s outer ring, called
‘Peggy,’ could grow into a separate icy moon – possibly the last one of
its kind.

Images taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft
have earlier revealed an arc of 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) long
and six miles (10 kilometers) wide on the edge of Saturn’s icy A
ring. The so-called “disturbance” is about 20 percent
brighter than its surroundings and is accompanied by “unusual
protuberances in the usually smooth profile at the ring’s
” NASA has said

A new study, published online by the journal Icarus on Monday,
suggests that the phenomenon is caused by the gravitational
effects of a nearby object
. In other words, something might be
growing in Saturn’s ring, just like its other icy moons formed,
according to popular theories.

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